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Dexter and Alessandrina

Holistic & Spiritual Counseling

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Dexter and Alessandrina

Holistic & Spiritual Counseling

(305) 606 - 5941

You can heal...

You can grow...

You can love...

You can evolve!

A wonder and love filled journey awaits you.

- Dexter and Alessandrina

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My experience with Dexter and Alessandrina has been amazing. I initially contacted them for support & assistance with both personal and professional goals. To my highest satisfaction, I've found the coaching, support, and clarity I was looking for - and more! As a result of our work together, my business is going great, and I feel confident and attuned with myself personally and with others. I feel that through sessions with Alessandrina, who I've worked with extensively, that I have been able to swiftly address places where previously I was 'stuck' or in fear. Her approach is very accessible. She is able to clearly discern and communicate where breakthroughs or improvements can be made. And, she communicates and provides the tools for the client to make these improvements and life-changes with ease. I am very grateful, and happy to have met and worked with Alessandrina and Dexter, and recommend their services 100%.

I have worked with both Alessandrina and Dexter via the phone for the last 4 months and have chosen to travel twice over to see them in person and work together. I have worked with countless therapists and life coaches but I have never progressed as deeply or honestly as I have with them. I wish I had not waited until I was in crisis to contact them however their support doubtless made me want to live again and for their support kindness wisdom and relentless enthusiasm for my growth I am eternally grateful. Their resources are plentiful and if you do the work, it works!

What can I say about these two amazing people and their outstanding work ?! Simply, absolutely amazing. I have participated in workshops and also worked with one on one calls, and every time I feel improvement in my life, my career, my relationship and in myself.  Their energy is so calming and welcoming, I felt free to express myself, my worries, concerns, fears, and I enjoy every single second working with them. It's very important to share with someone how you feel and view things from another perspective, and they help me do just that. Highly recommended to any and every one. 

Thank you for everything!

Thank you to both of you from the bottom of my heart!! I couldn't believe when I got off the phone, how much time you'd spent with me.  I could go on and on about how much different this was than counseling for me. You have changed my life and therefore my family's life, forever!

Thank you so much. You told me I had the power to make these changes and that if I started hitting the ping pong ball differently I could get change.  I must say you were right.  Thanks to you, things have changed!  I was praying to God for help like this and I truly believe you two are the answers to my prayers.  God Bless you for the amazing you work do.


I wanted to thank Dexter and Alessandrina for a breakthrough session that was honestly insightful beyond expectations.  My husband and I are looking forward to this healing journey more than ever… We are so grateful to have found this site.


Thank you Dexter and Alessandrina Dorer for being so much help in this…My heart now feels happier and I feel able to move forward and learn how to release my own fears and be a better person for me and my husband.  We are starting to communicate more.  Starting to laugh more and be a couple again.  It is possible.  Just listen to what these two amazing people have to teach you and try.  It’ll happen when you’re ready for it to. 

You always provide divinely inspired, Godly and amazing advice Alessandrina Dorer.  It comes every time I’m at my whit’s end… I’m beginning to get refocused and exhaling, again.  Thank you, master and friend.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak on the phone with Alessandrina for a one-on-one coaching session.  My husband and I are days away from the 1 year anniversary of his affair revelation and that has stirred up a LOT of fears within me and also painful triggers.  Alessandrina listened to my concerns and fears and gave me some very interesting insight on our situation I had not been able to see before. Not only that, but she genuinely seemed to care.  Before speaking to her, I was consumed with fear, pain, and feelings of immense sadness.  After our discussion and also after me trying out some techniques she suggested, I am doing MUCH MUCH Better and am more prepared than I was before to walk through these upcoming days with a more positive outlook and with less fear.  Thank you Alessandrina Dorer for being such a wonderful coach, helping me to defeat my fear, and for being a friend who truly cares.

Thank you Alessandrina for your and Dexter’s help.  You guys are amazing, and you have already enriched my life in ways I can’t put into words.  Thank you for ‘holding my hand’!

As most of you friends here know, last year was pretty challenging to my health, with impaired mobility, then major surgery, and then a long and often painful recovery and rehab process.  I felt very supported throughout the struggle, and I thank all of you who cheered me on along the way!  One person who has been so very supportive is my dear friend and healing coach Alessandrina.  Her expert guidance has led me through some pretty dark places, into the light.

Thank you so much.  I hope all who hear can grow from the wisdom brought about in this call.  It really was ordained by God Himself from my perspective, for my personal growth here on Earth.

I had an incredible session today with Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer.  I felt pressure, disappointments, and the despair I’d been experiencing leave me as I explained my circumstances in my marriage.  These two individuals are gifted.  Their 1 on 1 technique is genuine.  Today was totally unlike anything I’ve encountered and I’m encouraged!  I sincerely look forward to putting the advice and suggestions given to me today to use.  Thank you both and God blessings to you continually in the work you share to help me and others resolve their marital issues!

I would recommend scheduling a 1-1 coaching session with Alessandrina Dorer or Dexter Dorer.  I learned more from them during our 15 minute phone call than anything I’ve read or any advice I’ve been given in the last 6 months.  Good luck to you

Thank you so much for taking time to help me in my marriage.  What you all are doing is extraordinary and a Gift from God.

These people have invested a lot of their time, and energy to find the things that actually are proven to work in the challenges of our generation; Cutting edge therapy.  Thank you Alessandrina Dorer and Dexter Dorer and all the people who are behind the scene for your hearts to help.  We appreciate it!

This group has absolutely changed my life!  I’ve been implementing the information into my relationship, especially the parts on codependency.  I just noticed another incident today where I could apply this awareness.  So often, I fall right into the ‘pit of doom’ when my husband is upset with me or blaming me.  He needs my help, not my ‘gasoline to the fire’. Thank you again to everyone here for the support!! Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer you rock!!!!!

If you really want to remain in the relationship, I highly encourage you to get involved with Dexter and Alessandrina on here.  Make time for one of the sessions being offered.  They will challenge you so much and bring you to a place where you can see things for what they are, including the revealing of the part that you may be playing in this all and the root causes for why you both are doing what you are doing.  You will see how freeing the unveiling (the session) can be and will want to grow more.  There is hope for your relationship and it can be whatever you want it to be I guarantee.”

Every time I read or watch something you two, Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer are trying to help us all with, it makes more and more sense.  I’m truly so happy that you accepted me into this group.  I will apply this to rebuilding my marriage and finding happiness in myself and my marriage again.  I will be more aware of my parts and whether or not they apply to these life goals.

Spiritual Counseling

Alessandrina and I offer spiritual counseling and life coaching to people over the phone. During these sessions we help clients with whatever they're looking for help with, however they're looking to be helped. This can include helping them with a particular goal, such as a relationship goal, career goal, or spiritual goal, or helping them with how they feel, the thoughts they have, and any patterns they'd like to address. A session can also include getting more deeply in touch with who they are, with the divine, and with unconditionally loving spirit. A spiritual counseling session can help alleviate emotional pain, bring greater clarity of oneself, the world and others, increase wisdom and discernment, produce new feelings of joy and empowerment, and deepen one's experiences and results in life.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Alessandrina and I are certified in Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Dr. Brian Weiss - a renowned psychiatrist and global leader in Past Life Regression Hypnosis. A Past Life Regression session can help you access your past lives to understand who you were, the experiences you had, and the relationships you had in prior lifetimes. These sessions are often used to alleviate symptoms such as physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. They can also be used to get more deeply in touch with our soul and each of our divine nature.


In addition to Spiritual Counseling and Past Life Regression, Alessandrina and I also offer Reiki healing sessions in person in Miami including distance Reiki for remote clients. Reiki is a divine energy that is channeled from Divine Source down through the crown chakra, through the heart chakra, and out the palm chakras to the client. Reiki, like Spiritual Counseling and Past Life Regression, can help reduce physical and emotional pain, resolve trauma and deep rooted issues, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote spiritual healing and overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness & Meditation

My wife and I are experts in mindfulness and meditation and these practices are integrated into everything we do. Defining mindfulness as conscious self awareness, our spiritual counseling sessions lead to increased self awareness for all our clients. We speak about mindfulness and meditation at different events in Miami, we also teach mindfulness and meditation techniques to clients during Spiritual Counseling sessions. We all also created a free website, www.theepicself.com, with over 450 different meditations - each for a specific goal.

Conscious Relationships

In our Spiritual Counseling, my wife and I help individuals with a variety of issues. That said, we have a particular skill for helping couples and individuals with relationship issues. This includes helping people meet their soulmate, as well as helping people who are in existing relationships resolve their relationship issues. We have helped clients get back together after being on the bring of divorce, and we have done so while working with just one person (due to the stigma behind relationship counseling, during many relationship issues, it's common for only one partner to want to work with a counselor).

Values that guide our holistic counseling


Developing and refining an accurate model of ourselves as we progress through life to understand who we are and where we are. This includes mapping our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts and processes (conscious and subconscious) including our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, communications, and behaviors.


Being in the present moment, observing what's happening inside of us, outside of us, and in our relationships, while seeing the implications, meaning, and cause and effect nature of our decisions.  Mindfulness can also include focusing on consistently making choices based upon our intentions, and learning from our experiences constantly.


Realizing our ability to self-heal, and embracing this ability by consciously working via self-knowledge, meditation, mantra, and other techniques to help ourselves transcend obstacles, illness, and other unwanted results.


Realizing that nobody can "make" us feel anything, releasing all codependency, and becoming the central, decision making authority in our lives based on our own personal intentions and goals beyond the influence of family, friends, or society so that we can find true personal happiness.


Reaching an internal state of consistent inner-peace regardless of what's going on around us or the actions, behaviors and decisions of others.

Unconditional Love

Feeling and expressing a wise, healing, understanding, God-aligned, and self-less love with all beings and things (including ourselves) without any fear, judgment, expectation, exception, or limitation.


Remaining open-minded, open-hearted, grateful and self-less in your process of learning without self-judgment or expectation, without pride or ego, and constantly giving all credit and thanks to God, Divine Source, or The Universe.


Deconstructing the ego by releasing any and all fears, beliefs, expectations, and judgments while becoming more deeply in touch with our oneness with God and all beings via a greater connection to our eternal soul and spirit.


Releasing our internal limitations including our disempowering perspectives and realizing our tremendous capacity to achieve our goals via the application of our own freewill and intention.

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