A journey into yourself: private reiki energy healing certification training program

How can Reiki and energy healing benefit you?

Since the beginning of time, man has been on a journey of self-exploration and self-knowledge with the ultimate desire of realizing its divine nature and thus free himself from the persistent illusion of suffering that he has felt oppressed and limited by.

In the following short* testimonial video (*under a minute), Allison shares with us how attending a private Reiki energy healing certification program with us helped her dive deeper into her spiritual nature and better understand herself in order to become more self-sovereign, equanimous, and empowered. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Wp5KtGdWDcw

Her insights and understanding of the far-reaching benefits of Reiki energy healing are a wonderful testimonial of how Reiki can help us not only heal but also attain higher states of consciousness so that we may ultimately free ourselves from the suffering that is created by distorted mental and emotional processes that operate from illusions rather than reality.

Reiki and energy healing are not just a process of supporting the healing of physical ailments or getting into deep levels of relaxation, they are also a platform for attaining self-knowledge, inner guidance, and powerful insights that can change our lives for our highest and best good.

The more we ‘know’ and understand ourselves, the ‘world’ around us, and the nature of our mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, the more we are empowered to release the ones that don’t serve us while focusing positively on developing our insight, intuition, and inner knowing.

When we build upon these deep introspective experiences and insights, we feel better and better, we heal deep-seated fears, beliefs, and traumas, the process of life appears exponentially more simple, light, and free, and we become clear and easily aligned with our intentions and goals.

Rather than getting lost in our problems and feeling overwhelmed and disempowered, we become aware of the ‘faulty’ thinking that creates them, and we can thus experience life not as a process of fixing mentally created problems but rather as an opportunity to create, experience, and refine the quality of our chosen life experiences.

Thank you, Allison, for sharing your personal healing journey with us and others. May you be blessed on your inner journey with love, joy, happiness, divine guidance, and equanimity.

If, like Allison, you would like to experience the benefits of Reiki energy healing and how you can integrate its practice into your daily life, check out our private and group reiki energy healing certification training programs and how they can help you, by visiting:

If you would like to register for your own private reiki energy healing certification program (available both in-person and online) visit: https://goo.gl/GVGUKU

Wishing you love and ease on your personal journey,

Dexter and Alessandrina

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