Who are Dexter and Alessandrina?

Life coaches and sushi-lovers!

Hey, this is Dexter and Alessandrina from Love and Evolve! We’re so happy to 'meet' you and really looking forward to getting to know you.

Your fulfillment matters to us...

Dexter and Alessandrina on a visit to Savannah


Thank you to both of you from the bottom of my heart!! I couldn't believe when I got off the phone, how much time you'd spent with me.  I could go on and on about how much different this was than counseling for me. You have changed my life and therefore my family's life, forever!

Thank you so much. You told me I had the power to make these changes and that if I started hitting the ping pong ball differently I could get change.  I must say you were right.  Thanks to you, things have changed!  I was praying to God for help like this and I truly believe you two are the answers to my prayers.  God Bless you for the amazing you work do.


I wanted to thank Dexter and Alessandrina for a breakthrough session that was honestly insightful beyond expectations.  My husband and I are looking forward to this healing journey more than ever… We are so grateful to have found this site.


Thank you Dexter and Alessandrina Dorer for being so much help in this…My heart now feels happier and I feel able to move forward and learn how to release my own fears and be a better person for me and my husband.  We are starting to communicate more.  Starting to laugh more and be a couple again.  It is possible.  Just listen to what these two amazing people have to teach you and try.  It’ll happen when you’re ready for it to. 

You always provide divinely inspired, Godly and amazing advice Alessandrina Dorer.  It comes every time I’m at my whit’s end… I’m beginning to get refocused and exhaling, again.  Thank you, master and friend.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak on the phone with Alessandrina for a one-on-one coaching session.  My husband and I are days away from the 1 year anniversary of his affair revelation and that has stirred up a LOT of fears within me and also painful triggers.  Alessandrina listened to my concerns and fears and gave me some very interesting insight on our situation I had not been able to see before. Not only that, but she genuinely seemed to care.  Before speaking to her, I was consumed with fear, pain, and feelings of immense sadness.  After our discussion and also after me trying out some techniques she suggested, I am doing MUCH MUCH Better and am more prepared than I was before to walk through these upcoming days with a more positive outlook and with less fear.  Thank you Alessandrina Dorer for being such a wonderful coach, helping me to defeat my fear, and for being a friend who truly cares.

Thank you Alessandrina for your and Dexter’s help.  You guys are amazing, and you have already enriched my life in ways I can’t put into words.  Thank you for ‘holding my hand’!

As most of you friends here know, last year was pretty challenging to my health, with impaired mobility, then major surgery, and then a long and often painful recovery and rehab process.  I felt very supported throughout the struggle, and I thank all of you who cheered me on along the way!  One person who has been so very supportive is my dear friend and healing coach Alessandrina.  Her expert guidance has led me through some pretty dark places, into the light.

Thank you so much.  I hope all who hear can grow from the wisdom brought about in this call.  It really was ordained by God Himself from my perspective, for my personal growth here on Earth.

I had an incredible session today with Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer.  I felt pressure, disappointments, and the despair I’d been experiencing leave me as I explained my circumstances in my marriage.  These two individuals are gifted.  Their 1 on 1 technique is genuine.  Today was totally unlike anything I’ve encountered and I’m encouraged!  I sincerely look forward to putting the advice and suggestions given to me today to use.  Thank you both and God blessings to you continually in the work you share to help me and others resolve their marital issues!

I would recommend scheduling a 1-1 coaching session with Alessandrina Dorer or Dexter Dorer.  I learned more from them during our 15 minute phone call than anything I’ve read or any advice I’ve been given in the last 6 months.  Good luck to you

Thank you so much for taking time to help me in my marriage.  What you all are doing is extraordinary and a Gift from God.

These people have invested a lot of their time, and energy to find the things that actually are proven to work in the challenges of our generation; Cutting edge therapy.  Thank you Alessandrina Dorer and Dexter Dorer and all the people who are behind the scene for your hearts to help.  We appreciate it!

This group has absolutely changed my life!  I’ve been implementing the information into my relationship, especially the parts on codependency.  I just noticed another incident today where I could apply this awareness.  So often, I fall right into the ‘pit of doom’ when my husband is upset with me or blaming me.  He needs my help, not my ‘gasoline to the fire’. Thank you again to everyone here for the support!! Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer you rock!!!!!

If you really want to remain in the relationship, I highly encourage you to get involved with Dexter and Alessandrina on here.  Make time for one of the sessions being offered.  They will challenge you so much and bring you to a place where you can see things for what they are, including the revealing of the part that you may be playing in this all and the root causes for why you both are doing what you are doing.  You will see how freeing the unveiling (the session) can be and will want to grow more.  There is hope for your relationship and it can be whatever you want it to be I guarantee.”

Every time I read or watch something you two, Dexter Dorer and Alessandrina Dorer are trying to help us all with, it makes more and more sense.  I’m truly so happy that you accepted me into this group.  I will apply this to rebuilding my marriage and finding happiness in myself and my marriage again.  I will be more aware of my parts and whether or not they apply to these life goals.

What are we all about?

To answer that question, consider this...

  • Do you want better communication in your relationship and to improve the quality of your connection between yourself and others (especially your spouse)?
  • Do you want less negative thoughts and emotions about the past or future so that you can enjoy the present moment?
  • Do you want to feel a greater sense of purpose, self-love, and have a deep desire to further explore your spiritual path?

As we’re writing this, Alessandrina just came back from the gym (we made homemade French fries last night) and we were just reflecting on how different our lives are today…

  • We now have clarity about what we want and how to get there.

  • We now have a deep understanding of our relationships, why they are the way are, and how to make them better.

  • We can see clearly now why we have the thoughts and emotions we have.

  • We now have the ability to let negative thoughts and emotions go permanently by understanding and releasing them.

  • We’re now free from old negative thoughts and emotions.

  • We now have a deep sense of purpose and meaning in regards to who we are and what we’re doing here.

As a result...

We've achieved a lot in a short time.

We have an amazing relationship together.

Many beneficial and constructive relationships with others.

An enriching family life.

Great success in our career.

Excellent personal health and fitness.

An abundance of all things including rewarding personal goals, financial prosperity, and experiences of fulfillment and creativity every day.

New ways of seeing things that we did not know could be

A sense of awe and wonder about how incredibly rich our lives have become.

A clear vision of our future and an eagerness about our lives.

A sense of purpose and connection to our spiritual path.

Love for ourselves and others

It wasn't always like this.

Long before we met, Alessandrina and I were searching.  We were determined to find more meaning in life.  Not from temporary things like money or material accomplishments, although those are nice and we wanted those too. What we’re talking about is eternal. 

We were determined to find purpose, fulfillment, mindfulness, clarity, consciousness, insight, wisdom, understanding, inner-peace, joy, gratitude, acceptance, spirituality, and love.  That determination is one really big thing we had in common and one of the reasons why we have such a great relationship.   Are you interested in some of these things too?

We can help you feel more empowered and define and achieve your true goals faster and more enjoyably.

Why are we doing this?

Today’s world is moving really fast.  It’s hard to keep up and enjoy it at the same time. It’s no fun to have nagging thoughts bouncing around inside your head all day long.  To feel uncertain and unsettled about what might happen in the future.  To constantly find yourself dwelling on the past wishing things were different.  Feeling unnecessarily stressed and anxious from morning to night.

How can anyone have extraordinary relationships like this?  How can anyone have an extraordinary life like this?  Unfortunately, our world isn’t designed to promote a fulfilling and enjoyable life.  Stress and anxiety, negative emotion, and relationship and life turmoil are the norm. 

Fortunately, just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Together, Dexter and I set out to find real solutions to this global issue using holistic approaches like consciousness, mindfulness, energy-healing, and spirituality. Was it all sunsets and fairytales?  No… Did we get seriously addicted to sushi along the way?  Yeah...

We've experimented with many different teachings and teachers. Sometimes, it was difficult to apply something for years only to realize that it was just another temporary bandaid masking a deeper problem (or opportunity)… Who likes to hit their head against the wall?  

The good news is - you don’t have to (anymore).   After years of trial and error, we’ve been blessed to find the pieces of the puzzle that are truly empowering, and we’ve put them all together in one place for you.  You can become your own Guru. 

Today, we help clients worldwide via 1-1 coaching, books, courses, meditations, and articles heal their negative thoughts and emotions, increase their joy, transcend their limitations, gain wisdom and empowerment in their lives, and accelerate towards their goals.

You know what the funny thing is?  Time and time again we've found that the biggest obstacle that people face... 

Is themselves!

For example, do you meditate?

You can meditate anywhere and anytime - even while you’re doing the dishes. Did you know that some meditation centers are purposefully located in busy and polluted areas to make it extra challenging?  In a way, this is a miracle... as human beings, we can resonate with God and find insight and inner-peace in any environment!  Now, all that said… that doesn’t mean you need to make things unnecessarily hard on yourself.  And isn’t amazing how often we do just that?

Sometimes, when you really want something, it’s okay to make it easy. We made it easy on ourselves when we decided to build our mindfulness website. We left the chaos of Miami Beach and headed to our new home in a really peaceful area.  We chose the path of least resistance that would help us enjoy the process of achieving our goals.

The great thing is that, despite feeling lack and limitation, ultimately, we’re all blessed with the freedom to choose our own path.  Of course, it can be easy to get caught up with all of life’s obligations and chores and to fall into a feeling of limitation or lack that the people around us resonate with - especially in such a competitive world.

That said - you don’t have to.  You can be self-sovereign.  You can choose consciously.  You can achieve great things like harmonious relationships, personal fulfillment, inner-peace, and even enlightenment.

These are values that you can choose to live your life by.  These are values that we live our lives and run our business by...

Key Values


Seeing the implications, meaning, and cause and effect nature of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual processes (conscious and subconscious) including our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears.


Focusing on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's thoughts, emotions, feelings, prior decisions, current life circumstances, and any judgments, fears, beliefs, or expectations in regards to those.


Permanently resolving recurring negative thoughts, emotions, and habits while understanding and releasing unresolved pain, trauma, and recorded limitations such as fears and beliefs from the past.


Releasing our internal limitations including our disempowering perspectives and realizing our tremendous capacity to achieve our goals via the application of our own freewill and self-sustaining motivation.


Realizing that nobody can "make" us feel anything, releasing all codependency, and becoming the central, decision making authority in our lives based on our own personal intentions and goals beyond the influence of family, friends, or society so that we can find true personal happiness.


Reaching a place where we can exist in an internal state of constant, eternal, and unconditional love, inner-peace, acceptance, and gratitude regardless of the actions of others and external events beyond our control.

Unconditional Love

Feeling and expressing a wise, healing, understanding, God-aligned, and self-less love with all beings and things (including ourselves) without any fear, judgment, expectation, exception, or limitation.


Deconstructing the ego by releasing any and all fears, beliefs, expectations, and judgments while becoming more deeply in touch with our oneness with God and all beings via a greater connection to our eternal soul and spirit.

When we set out to build our mindfulness website, we consciously chose to align ourselves with that intention, and we achieved it! You can achieve your intentions too.

We built meditations to enhance sleep, success, finances, abundance, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, joy, inner-peace, spirituality, forgiveness, and much more.  Throughout this time, we weren’t just building meditations.  We were building abundance, a better relationship, higher consciousness, mindfulness, and spirituality in our own lives. 

That’s how www.theepicself.com came to be.  It’s a free website with over 450 meditations for people from all walks of life including beginners at meditation and mindfulness.

This was a very nice achievement for us.  You can have similar achievements in your life whether they be in your relationships, hobbies, spiritual evolution, parenting, health and fitness, career or any other goal. 

Tomorrow, we’re going to share one of the key realizations we had that allowed us to achieve our goals and how we applied this realization consistently to our lives to get there.

If you want more inner-peace… if you want better relationships… if you want to more fulfillment and meaning in your life… if you want less negative thoughts and emotions…  if you want less stress and anxiety… if you want to achieve more of your goals... you're in good company!  We've devoted our lives to that.


All the successful methods we share have one thing in common.

We’re going to share that with you now.

First… Do you have goals?  Do you have intentions?  Sure you do.  Everyone does whether they're conscious of them or not.  You’re here because of an intention.  You’re reading this because of an intention.

Can you feel it?  You can if you try. That’s how our intention to build our relationship, to step into our power, to find inner-peace, and to explore our spirituality began - with a feeling.  We didn’t just follow that feeling, we listened to it.  We nurtured it. We cultivated it.  And that’s how we learned that most people are doing it all backwards.

They’re changing things on the outside… A new car, home, job, relationship, vacation, income…  To try to feel a certain way on the inside… Satisfaction, comfort, relaxation, meaning, relief, fulfillment, love.

We tried that, and it didn’t work.  It was when we started to successfully change the way we feel on the inside, that everything on the outside started to fall into place.

This is how everything in our life started to evolve.  This is how we started to achieve our goals now instead of later.  Our relationship flourished, our business expanded, our health prospered.  In addition to that, because we focused on our feelings first, we were able to fully enjoy and appreciate these great results with open hearts when we started to achieve them.

We got our cake, and got to eat it too. So can you. You can even cover it with Nutella and not feel guilty because... you deserve it.  The trick is allowing yourself to feel the feelings you want now, and releasing any internal blockages preventing you from doing so.  

There’s a lot of people out there teaching methods to feel the feelings you want now.   Most of them are not effective because they don't teach how to release the blockages first.  They just try to cover up the blockages with new stuff.  This can actually lead to more work, pain, and inner conflict, than progress. That’s because they actually add new blockages that sit on top of the old ones (instead of actually clearing them).  All this happens because of one key misunderstanding.

Are you looking to make permanent progress towards your goals, feel lighter every day, and enjoy more love and inner-peace in your life?

If so, then you’ll want to integrate this understanding that we achieved after trying to so many approaches that didn’t work.  Approaches that led to us hitting our heads against the wall, creating more work for ourselves, and not progressing towards our goals.  Unfortunately, a majority of approaches out there today actually add new blockages that sit on top of the old ones, instead of actually clearing them.  This happens because of a misunderstanding.  The misunderstanding is that you can override blockages by simply creating new beliefs or intentions via positive thinking and affirmations. 

This doesn't work because when you do that you end up fighting your own energy - playing tug of war with yourself.  If you simply layer a new belief, conscious intention, or positive affirmation on top of old limitations without clearing those internal limitations first, you create inner conflict, fragmentation, and fear in your system.  You might not feel this, and you might not be aware of it.  That doesn’t mean it’s not there affecting every decision you make and the results you’re getting in your life.

Is there anything in your life that you really want that you haven’t achieved yet?  Are there other things that you put on the back on the burner because you don’t feel you can have them now?  Do you find yourself procrastinating on that which you truly want?  Do you find yourself trying but struggling to achieve things you’re putting a lot of energy into?

These are signs of internal limitations and blockages.  Just because we ignore them or layer new beliefs and intentions on top of them, doesn’t mean they go away. If you become aware of them, clear them, and release them, then you have a blank canvas from which you can create freely and effortlessly without resistance.

The tricky thing about internal limitations, is that they’re mostly subconscious.  We don’t find them until we’ve blamed everything else on the list.  By then, we’ve wasted a lot of time and energy and missed out on a lot of opportunities.  That’s one reason why people work with us one on one - to get to where they want to go faster.  We’re excellent at identifying subconscious blockages within ourselves and others, and we teach people how to do it for themselves.

If your personal development, spiritual development, or relationships are meaningful to you and you’re looking for a sounding board, empowering new perspectives, healing of the past, transcendence of fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and negative emotions, new clarity about yourself, your relationships, and your intentions, and new ways to accelerate towards your goals, then let’s talk.  We recommend private coaching, that said, we have several services where you can get this kind of help in your life. 

In addition to everything described above...

What else can I gain from Dexter and Alessandrina's serivces?

Resolution of relationship issues (even if your spouse doesn't understand)

A mirror and sounding board to communicate with to help you understand what you're going through and the meaning and implications of it

Clarity about your life, your goals, and your true nature

Useful, applicable, meaningful, grounded information and guidance

Someone who will meet you where you're at, understand, and recognize your situation in a way that's meaningful and helpful to you

Greater awareness of your options in life and different ways you can go about achieving your personal goals

New ways of seeing things that you did not know could be and new perspectives that will permanently clear and release negative perspectives that may have been subconscious and limiting you from achieving your goals

Guidance releasing your fear, negative emotions, negative thoughts, distrust, anxiety, stress, and more

Discover how to stop reacting in negative ways so that you can step out of recurring negative dynamics in your life

Discover how to start acting in complete alignment with your intentions and therefore manifesting them rapidly

Gently understand your pain, how it was created, what's holding it in place, and any misinterpretations causing it so that you can release it permanently and start feeling more joy, inner-peace, calm, and gratitude immediately

Understand those you're in relationships with more deeply so you can start navigating your relationships in ways that will bring about the constructive, positive, and loving changes you want

Forgiveness of yourself and others and resolution of pain and trauma from the past so that you can move forward on top of a pure, untarnished foundation of love, acceptance, and positive energy

Discover how to create a safe space in the relationship for your partner that doesn't trigger them so they can become empowered to make constructive changes in their life

Shift challenges into positive, constructive, enlightening, and rewarding transformational experiences that you'll look back on as a miracle with gratitude and wonder

Find a new sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in your life that is going to draw others and success to you while allowing you and your relationships to prosper

Begin infusing your relationship with more and new kinds of trust, forgiveness, communication, intimacy, best-friendship, and teamwork.

Learn how to become more aligned with your spiritual path, cultivate your spirituality, and how to become even more aligned with God

Understand the root cause of any negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or addictions in yourself and others so you can permanently heal and release them

Create permanent positive changes that will continue to be rewarding for the rest of your life and allow you to achieve your goals at an exponentially increasing rate.

Discover new ways to manage any illness, disease, or condition using holistic approaches that can help with conditions like ADHD, OCD, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, overeating, bulimia, illness, and more

Identify any internal misinterpretations that are limiting your ability to feel fulfilled by your career or lack thereof

Empower your children with new approaches that will allow them to live a life of abundance, prosperity, great health, inner-peace, fulfillment, and healthy relationships.

Interested in what we have to offer?

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