Addiction Specialist

As addiction specialists, my wife and I help people understand their process of addiction on new, deeper levels with tools, information, and guidance that empower them to self heal and transcend their addiction. We combine a variety of powerful healing modalities and a rare, non-judgmental approach over the phone.

Work with a conscious addiction specialist

If you're looking for help for yourself or a loved one, please read the information below to see if we're a good fit for what you're looking for. We offer a leading-edge and non-traditional approach that integrates eastern and western modalities to offer an integrated and powerful experience for those wanting to transcend addiction.

How addictions begin

Addictions can be scary for the person who is struggling with the addiction and for the people around them. What starts as a casual experiment, curiosity, or pastime can become a dependency that we might feel like we can’t live without or ‘are less’ without.

Often times, the things and behaviors we become addicted to can feel empowering at first.  For example, in the beginning, we might just enjoy or feel greatly empowered by exercising, drinking, taking pain killers, fasting, smoking, etc. Overtime, without our necessarily recognizing or wanting to recognize it, this interest or desire can become increasingly important to us.  This can escalate, and in a the short time, our priorities can change drastically.

What we're really addicted to

There are certain addictions that can make us feel like we’re invincible, unstoppable, or superior than we were before. There are other addictions that help us medicate underlying pain and discomfort that we feel in our lives.  Ultimately, the feelings we feel we get from the drugs and behaviors we're addicted to are one of the primary reasons for our addiction.  In fact, you could say, that we aren’t really addicted to any thing, rather, we’re addicted to the feelings we get from those things.

For example, if fasting helps us feel in control of our body, we might get addicted to fasting because of our addiction to feeling in control of our bodies. Or, if methamphetamines help us feel limitless, we might get addicted to methamphetamines because of our addiction to feeling limitless. Unfortunately, whenever we rely on some external source for any feeling, it can create imbalance. Fortunately, we need not rely on any thing to have the experience of life that we want. That means, you or the person you love can transcend their addiction, and still experience a vibrant, interesting, and empowering life. Of course, just telling someone that is not enough...

Getting help from a holistic and conscious addiction specialist

It’s important that anyone who is addicted to anything first receive non-judgmental guidance and facilitation from a non-judgmental addiction specialist who understands the energy dynamics behind addictions. What we mean by ‘energy dynamics’ is simply the different patterns of thoughts, emotions, and motivations that keep a non-optimal habit (addiction) in place.  When someone is lovingly, gracefully guided to a point of sufficient self-awareness and self-understanding over their own process of addiction (including the conscious and subconscious aspects), they can become empowered to transcend the addiction. This really is possible. You can go from being addicted to something, to not having any interest in it ever again!

If you’ve had experience with addiction, then you know that this process simply ‘takes as long as it takes’ for each individual. Some people are able to transcend certain addictions faster than others. Something that’s important to understand is that, this isn’t a reflection of the individual.  It doesn’t mean they’re lazy, selfish, or not trying. Nobody truly wants to suffer, see others suffer, or be addicted. All people, including 'addicts', are always doing their best.  All that said, when someone is willing to open themselves up to conscious facilitation and guidance, like that which we offer, they open themselves up to the possibility of transcending their addiction in a way that not many people have ever experienced before.

For example, today, most people attempt to recover from addiction by entering a ‘prescribed’, one-size fits-all program. While these programs can be excellent and very helpful and supportive, they do not replace the immense value of receiving one on one facilitation where a facilitator can address the unique perspectives, emotion, beliefs, motivations, energy, and even karma of the individual from moment to moment. With this type of facilitation or holistic counseling, people can often make far more progress far faster than ordinary.

This type of conscious facilitation is not common. My wife and I strive to offer this to individuals, and our clients have seen great results. We also apply everything that we teach to others in our own lives, and have seen great results here too. We focus on very practical, foundational, and efficient processes for helping people transcend addiction. If you’d like to contact us about our life coaching, holistic counseling, and spiritual counseling services, you can do so by clicking here.