Are Past Life Regression Experiences Real?

Hypnosis, age regression, and past life regression offer an accelerated path to uncovering and resolving any and all conscious and subconscious blockages we may experience in achieving our personal and professional goals, finding a soulmate or enhancing our existing relationships, resolving ongoing stress and anxiety, losing weight and keeping it off, quitting smoking, manifesting more abundance, improving our health, etc.

When working with clients who are trying out past life regression therapy for the first time, the very first question that comes up is, ‘Are my past life regression experiences real?’

People want to know if what they are experiencing is real, or if it’s only their imagination or fantasy, or if it’s some symbolism or archetypes from the collective unconscious.

It’s such a great question to ask, and I love answering it. The first thing I ask my clients or people who are considering a past life regression session when they ask me this question is, ‘what’s real? What do you consider to be reality?”

I love seeing the grin on their faces, or hearing the soft chuckles on the other end of the phone line when I ask this question.

I continue by saying, ‘Whatever it is, your mind created it. Isn’t that also true of your thoughts and your perception of reality? Whether it’s a past life, your imagination, fantasy, some kind of symbolic daydreaming, Jungian archetypes, or a combination of any one of these things, it’s real to you and it’s real to your mind. And that’s all that truly matters.’

The reason why that’s true and why that’s important is that if you go into doubt or overthinking about the process, and start intellectualizing it or questioning what’s real and what isn’t, you’ll be stopping the natural, uncontrolled flow of what you could otherwise become aware of.

And it’s that awareness that’s at the core of past life regression therapy. That awareness is the process of allowing the content of otherwise repressed and suppressed memories and imaginings buried deep within your subconscious mind to come into the light of your consciousness where it can be processed out.

The benefit of bringing these suppressed and repressed memories at the level of consciousness, where you can clearly become aware of them, is that by doing so you can permanently heal and resolve any symptoms that they might have created in your day to day life, and permanently release them from your subconscious mind so that they no longer continue to unknowingly influence your choices and affect the quality and results of your experience of life.

Imagine, for example, that you have an irrational and unexplained fear of water. So much so that, you can’t go anywhere near water, when your children swim you become fearful and controlling, and you carry this underlying anxiety with you everywhere you go without even knowing when, where, how deeply, and why it’s affecting you. Wouldn’t you want to be free of this anxiety and expand your realm of experiences as well as be free of fear and controlling tendencies that create tension and friction in your relationships?

So now, you decide to try hypnosis, age regression, and past life regression, and during your session, you uncover that you have drowned in a past life. After your session, you start questioning whether that really happened and you feel perplexed.

The next day you wake up, and you feel lighter and more relaxed. Your face looks younger and the weight and tension you used to feel in the area of your shoulders have lifted. You go for a walk in a relaxed and almost hypnotic state. You’re feeling particularly good and positive. All of a sudden, you realize that you’ve walked all the way down to the river and that you’re not fearful at all. You’re enjoying looking at the water and you feel drawn to its calming flow. You feel at peace.

Would it matter if the past life when you experienced yourself drowning was real or not, if, all of a sudden, you didn’t have the irrational fear of water you’ve carried with you your entire life, and you expanded your capacity to be happy and to have more enjoyable experiences?

It wouldn’t.

That’s the miracle of past life regression therapy. It happens. As you allow the content of your subconscious mind to come to the light of consciousness through a safe and supportive process, deep-seated phobias, unexplained thoughts, feelings, and emotions are healed and resolved, never to return.

So, if that’s the case, and if there’s a chance that you could experience such a fundamental healing and change your life in a way that leads to more joy, inner peace, love, and happiness, does it matter if it’s real? And would you even care to find out if it’s real or not?

If there’s no such thing as objective reality, and the unique reality we each experience is actually a projection of our own individual minds, then it truly doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that we heal, we transcend mental limitations and the detrimental emotional turmoil and behavioral results that they create in our lives and that the quality of our life experience is greatly enhanced in the process.

Let the healing be real and focus on that and only that, and it will be.

Check out this video of Dr. Brian Weiss’s daughter who was also a skeptic and her miracle story of how she healed degenerative sight-threatening cataracts with past life regression therapy:

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