Are you happy?: Letting go of fear and finding true happiness in life

We’re conditioned to believe that success, people, relationships, places, and all kinds of things, external to ourselves, will make us happy.

They simply can’t. Because, wherever you go and whatever you do, there you are.

It’s really not about what’s happening on the outside – it’s never been about that – it’s about how you’re feeling on the inside.

Someone can be a billionaire and still have fear of not having enough money.

Someone can have a great relationship and fear losing it and being abandoned.

Someone can have a great career and never feel that it’s enough, and that they’re good enough.

Someone can live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and still feel stress, worry, and anxiety.

And on and on it goes.

It’s not where you go, what you do, or who you’re with, as much as it is about how you feel about you and who you believe yourself to be.

The better you feel about you, the safer you feel, and the less fears your mind creates in attempt to supposedly* keep you.

*(I haven’t personally seen this ever work because the more more we focus on fear, the less conscious and present we become, and thus the less able to optimally assess, understand, and optimally navigate our environment.)

And so, the less fears your mind creates, the less thoughts you have.

And the less thoughts you have, the less worry, stress, and anxiety you feel.

And the less of those low vibration emotions you feel, the more you can actually enjoy feelings of inner peace, love, joy, connection, intimacy, and all of the wonderful feelings that you truly want to feel.

Being happy comes from letting go of fear (not building our lives around it), which thus gives us the opportunity to become ever more present, aware, and alive.

The less fear there is, the more space and time there is for everything else that you truly want.

The more space there is to focus on what’s meaningful and fulfilling to you, the more joy and happiness you feel.

Feeling and being happy is ultimately the process of reprogramming the mind for happiness, instead of fear.

It’s the process of letting go of hundreds of thousands of years of fear conditioning and fight or flight response behaviors that have been programmed into us.

It’s choosing to take a leap of faith towards self-empowerment and self-love and to evolve out of our primal conditioning.

If you’re interested in exploring the different ways in which you can begin to transcend this fear conditioning and feel more empowered in your life to focus positively and feel better and better more and more of the time, then schedule a private session with Dexter or myself, or join us at one of our upcoming workshops in December. Here’s a list of what we’ve got planned for the rest of the year to help us all evolve into who we want to be and achieve what’s most meaningful to us all:

Family Constellations
Saturday, December 8th, 10.30-12.30pm –

Brian Weiss Certified Hypnosis and Past Life Regression
Saturday, December 15th, 10.30-12.30pm –

Akashic Records Readings
Saturday, December 22nd, 10.30-12.30pm –

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