Assessing when we are in fear…

‘How do I  know that I am in fear?’


Becoming conscious of our triggers and how they affect our decision-making and lead us to act out of fear is key to the process of establishing authentic relationships with others, living our life in alignment with our highest intention, and ultimately achieving all our goals

Often times, during our interactions with others, we tend to ‘blame’ our negative reactions on their behaviors rather than taking the opportunity of a tensed conversation or interaction with another to take accountability for our emotional process, introspect, and gain insights as to our own triggers, and fears.

So, basically. the answer to the question ‘how do I know that I am in fear?’ is quite simple.

Whenever we experience a negative emotion or reaction in response to any external stimuli, whatever form that may take – conversation, physical interaction, something we eat, an activity we’re involved in –  we are in a state of fear.

Another way to identify that we’ve entered the fear state is through a quick scanning and exploration of the space of our body. If while quietly observing the space of your body from within, i.e. feeling how you feel internally, you observe places of tension, contraction, pain, or inner stresses, then it means that you’re experiencing some manifestation of fear in your system.

Without fear, there is no negative thought, no negative feeling, no negative physical sensation, and no negative emotion. it’s that simple.

Without fear, there is full presence without any recording of the experience.

Without fear, there is the experience of deep inner peace, unconditional love, joy, and happiness that we all long for and deserve.

While for many of us, fear has become a way of living, a way of avoiding pain and feeling safe, it is an illusory process that prevents us from actually reaching our highest potential in our relationships and life and achieving all of our goals, dreams, and intentions.

Living without fear is possible and most useful!  Fears restrict our potential to live the most peaceful, loving, happy, and joyful existence that is our birthright.

All that is required in order for you to achieve this state of fearlessness is the willingness to learn to truly get to know yourself and step outside the prison of your own fears (mind created and projected). With this intention in mind, and some simple techniques, you can effectively release your fears and move onto living the life that you desire.