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Developing spatial awareness and going quantum

In this short article, we’ll explore how developing and cultivating spatial awareness can help you to leave behind the past and the emotions that keep you feeling stuck to a past self that you no longer want to resonate with and embrace the new you, i.e. who you want and choose to be from moment…
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Every day is a new beginning: how perspective changes your reality

In this short article, we contemplate the value of embracing each day and each moment as brand new.  We look at how when we release past perspectives that have kept us feeling stuck or dissatisfied, and we embrace new and more empowering ones, we experience a new life and we create a new reality.  This…
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how to let go and forget to live a more successful and balanced life

How to let go of the past and thrive

We often resist letting go of the past because we feel unsafe accepting and releasing something that’s happened to us or fear that if we don’t hold on to it, we will lose the feeling.  In these situations, we either project that pain that we’ve felt in the past will happen again, or that pleasure…
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3 Key Steps to Personal Transformation and Self-Empowerment

In this short article, we share with you the 3 key steps that, when consistently applied, can support personal transformation and self-empowerment.  By changing our personality, i.e. how we think, how we act, and how we feel, we change our personal reality.  Intentionally changing our personal reality through conscious wisdom and discernment means that we…
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The power of language and words on our emotions and experience of life

In this short article, we explore language and the impact that words can have on our state of being (how we think, how we act, and how we feel.) We look at how the words that we use to describe ourselves and our relationships, as well as the situations and events in our lives, not…
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How to release emotional pain, thought patterns, and addictions and become a new you

What would it take to become a new you? This is a brief guide prepared by life coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers Dexter and Alessandrina to help you learn how to release emotional pain, thought patterns, and addictions and become a new you. This guide contains the above video, the below article, and a guided…
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Focus management, personal change, and transformation

In this short article, we share some insights about focus management and practical ways of managing your focus so that you can start experiencing more joy, happiness, inner peace, abundance, wellbeing and life success. Energy flows where our attention goes Where we focus our attention is where our energy goes.  This insight, which was first…
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How to anchor new, empowering habits and achieve lasting change

In this short article on how to achieve change and personal transformation, we share with you what we’ve found, and personally verified, to be the most effective and facilitative methods of forming new habits and achieving lasting change. Resistance to change is natural As much as we may want to consciously change, we often find…
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How to quiet your mind and become more present, aware, and conscious

In this short article, you’ll find some easy steps that you can start implementing to start quieting your mind more and more, and become more present, aware, and conscious as a result. Our thoughts come from the past If you reflect upon your thoughts and your thinking process, you might notice that most of your…
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Law of Attraction and Manifestation: How to receive what you truly want now

About six months, we were blessed to meet with Dr. Pankaj Naram, a Master Healer from India, from the tradition of Master Healers dating back to the Physician of Lord Buddha himself, known as Siddha-Veda.  Since then, we’ve personally been experimenting with and refining the teachings and tools taught to us by Dr. Naram.   Having experienced the…
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