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How to apologize

By Dexter Dorer | August 2, 2018 |

Learning how to apologize consciously can be an incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening experience. It can really help you experience more joy and harmonious relationships in life. You can also learn a lot of insightful things about yourself, your relationships, and how to communicate with others. Congratulations on taking this step! Introduction Why learn how to…

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Free Consultation with Alessandrina

By Alessandrina Dorer | January 27, 2023

If you’re considering receiving facilitation from Alessandrina and would like to understand more about the facilitation process, you may optionally schedule a one-time only free, 10-minute consultation using the form below.

Coaching with Alessandrina

By Alessandrina Dorer | January 27, 2023

Please use this page to schedule a private session with Alessandrina. You may schedule a free consultation with Alessandrina first to learn more about her facilitation process. All sessions occur via phone or Zoom video conference. Approach During your session, Alessandrina will facilitate you into identifying and resolving all subconscious…

Coaching with Dexter

By Dexter Dorer | January 27, 2023

Thank you for your interest in working with me.  If we work together, I hope to help you experience more clarity, understanding, inner-peace, joy, harmony, fun, love, awe, wonder, and growth in your life.  My hourly rate is $300/hour and you can apply to work with me using the form…

Courses by Dexter and Alessandrina

By Dexter Dorer | January 27, 2023

Online Courses

Forgive and Forget Pressure Point (Marmaa)

By Alessandrina Dorer | June 29, 2022

Family Constellations Genogram

By Alessandrina Dorer | June 18, 2021

4 Genogram.docx

Clear Blocks to Forgiveness

By Alessandrina Dorer | August 10, 2020

Clear the Blocks to Forgiveness from Alessandrina Dorer on Vimeo.

Navigating Life and Relationships

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 30, 2020

Meditation Made Simple

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 30, 2020

Feel Guided Meditation

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 29, 2020