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How to apologize

By Dexter Dorer | August 2, 2018 |

Learning how to apologize consciously can be an incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening experience. It can really help you experience more joy and harmonious relationships in life. You can also learn a lot of insightful things about yourself, your relationships, and how to communicate with others. Congratulations on taking this step! Introduction Why learn how to…

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Forgive and Forget Pressure Point (Marmaa)

By Dexter Dorer | June 29, 2022

About Dexter

By Dexter Dorer | January 26, 2022

About Dexter Hello : ) and welcome.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope that your Soul truly benefits from every interaction with me and information that I produce.  Your wellbeing is my highest priority in the service that I provide.

Family Constellations Genogram

By Alessandrina Dorer | June 18, 2021

4 Genogram.docx

Testing SoundCloud Meditation

By Dexter Dorer | May 25, 2021

Guided Meditations By DexterandAlessandrina.com · 3 Step Relaxation

Home Page 2021

By Dexter Dorer | April 11, 2021

Welcome to our course & community Loving Life & Healing Ego In addition to presenting you with this Consciousness, Mindfulness and Meditation Course, also known as a Soul Learning Path, we have created an online community on this website.  Alessandrina and I hope that together, with you, we can build…

Is Unconditional Love Too Radical?

By Dexter Dorer | November 19, 2020

If you ask someone, “how would you like to unconditionally love your life?” They would love that! Now what if you asked someone… “how would you like to unconditionally love every person, place and thing on the planet including all your thoughts, emotions, memories and past relationships, life, birth, death,…

Clear Blocks to Forgiveness

By Alessandrina Dorer | August 10, 2020

Clear the Blocks to Forgiveness from Alessandrina Dorer on Vimeo.

Navigating Life and Relationships

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 30, 2020

Meditation Made Simple

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 30, 2020

Feel Guided Meditation

By Alessandrina Dorer | July 29, 2020