How to let go of the past and thrive

how to let go and forget to live a more successful and balanced life

We often resist letting go of the past because we feel unsafe accepting and releasing something that’s happened to us or fear that if we don’t hold on to it, we will lose the feeling.  In these situations, we either project that pain that we’ve felt in the past will happen again, or that pleasure…

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Guided Meditation for Healing Your Inner Child and Creating Healthy Boundaries

All of the difficulties and challenges that we experience in life are a result of unresolved emotions and misunderstandings within our inner child. When life situations, relationships, and external circumstances trigger those unresolved emotions, we often react in fear, anxiety, worry, or even anger. This is normal.Most people have not been taught by their parents (who…

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How to release the “I have to” mentality

It’s very normal for most people to motivate themselves with statements like, “I have to do this”, or, “I need to do that”. We might say to ourselves, for example: I have to work out today I need to take the dog for a walk I have to take the kids to school I have…

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How to optimally manage and reduce stress and anxiety

We live in a fast-paced and intricate world, which requires us more and more to balance many demands from many different sources and can lead to us feeling stretched too thin, overwhelmed, or even consistently stressed and anxious. There are more and more unknowns and complex relationship dynamics that can, when projected onto an uncertain…

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I’m ok, You’re ok: It’s ok to feel whatever you feel

i'm ok you're ok it's ok for you to feel whatever you feel

You are not your thoughts, feelings, or emotions.  You are simply experiencing them.  In this article, we’ll discuss how to optimally work through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to achieve a state of inner peace, joy, happiness, love, fulfillment, optimal goal attainment, greater alignment, and enhance your relationships and life.

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