Dexter and Alessandrina

Self Awareness

Focus management, personal change, and transformation

In this short article, we share some insights about focus management and practical ways of managing your focus so that you can start experiencing more joy, happiness, inner peace, abundance, wellbeing and life success. Energy flows where our attention goes Where we focus our attention is where our energy goes.  This insight, which was first…

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Transcending our aversion to pain

A lot of the pain that we feel could be avoided simply by resolving our aversion to it. In most cultures, we’re taught that pain is bad, that we shouldn’t feel it, and that if we do then someone or something is wrong. Whether that refers to physical, mental, or emotional pain, holding this limiting…

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How to shift limiting beliefs and get better life results

Generally speaking, most people want to live a healthy, long, happy, and fulfilling life. We may not always have all of the necessary quality information available to us to consistently make the most conscious, wise and discerning choices in order to achieve this goal, and yet, deep down, we all have this desire. With limited…

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Self Knowledge, Mindfulness and Meditation

Unlock the doors to your own mind… How knowing yourself can help you achieve your life intentions and goals. You may have heard before the adage, ‘Know Thyself’, which was written on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi to inspire all who resonated with self-exploration as a way of attaining self-knowledge and…

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Self Love and Loving Others

Most people are looking for something or someone special in their lives.  Something or someone that will help them feel alive, safe, loved, creative, valued, seen, heard, understood, appreciated, and worthy. What if that something and that someone is you?  What if you could consistently give yourself all of the experiences, qualities, praise, unconditional love,…

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