Universal Light

Chakra Healing

Your chakras are the energy centers of consciousness that determine your state of consciousness, and therefore your experience of self and reality.

By keeping your chakras open, balanced, harmonious, and integrated, you feel more present, conscious, peaceful, and in alignment with your life choices and experiences.

When your chakras are closed or out of balance, you might feel a sense of unrest, stress, worry, or anxiety, and it might feel challenging to bring about the things that you want most in your life into reality.

During a chakra healing session, we'll identify together where the energy is not flowing optimally in your energy system and chakras.  Once the various blockages are identified, we'll work together to actively and comprehensively clear them and help integrate your energy system most optimally.

As a result of the clearing and integration of your chakras, you can experience:

  • vibrant health and wellbeing
  • healing of various blocks at all levels of your being
  • greater inner peace and a sense of deep calm
  • greater focus and concentration
  • internal balance and harmony
  • greater ease, flow, and synchronicities¬†
  • more harmonious relationships
  • deep relaxation
  • stress and anxiety relief
  • better communication
  • mental clarity
  • goal attainment
  • personal empowerment
  • less negative thoughts
  • emotional healing including of trauma
  • PTSD relief
  • depression relief
  • panic attack relief
  • better sleep and relief from insomnia
  • spiritual energy
  • higher states of consciousness
  • clearing of addictions and unwanted habits
  • greater abundance and flow of money
  • life and career success
  • ease in becoming pregnant if desired
  • and more.

We feel blessed to be able to guide and facilitate you in the healing and clearing of energetic blocks that would otherwise continue to negatively influence you and create limitations in your life experiences and results. 

To schedule your Chakra Healing session, please visit this page.