Conflict Management

  1. Make a list of all conflicts that have occurred between you and your partner
  2. Recall each conflict exactly as it unfolded
  3. For each conflict, remember the pain that you felt and identify the pain your partner felt
  4. Identify the individual fears that were driving the pain in you and in your partner
  5. Why is it important for you to understand the fears that are getting triggered in your partner?  How can it help you navigate conflict better in the future?
  6. For each conflict, first forgive yourself and your partner for any pain you triggered and felt
  7. For each conflict, if you find resistance in your system to forgiveness, release the underlying fears creating this resistance to forgiveness
  8. For each conflict, release the fears that caused your pain and pain reactions with your partner
  9. What method can you use – on the go – when you feel triggered during a conversation or conflict with your partner in order to quickly release the feeling, thought, belief, or emotion until you get a chance to clear the triggered fear?