Conscious Intentions and Goals

Intention Setting


Step 1 – Setting Primary Intentions


  • What are your primary intentions/ goals for your relationship?


    • for yourself
    • for your partner
    • for both of you


Step 2 – Refining your Intentions


  • What do you truly want to achieve through these intentions/ goals?
  • What are the feelings that you or/and your partner will derive from achieving these intentions/ goals in your relationship?


Step 3 – Understanding your Intentions


  • Why is it so important for you to achieve your intentions/ goals in your relationship?
  • What do you project and fear will happen if you were not able to achieve those intentions/ goals?


Step 4 – Cultivating your Intentions


  • How can you cultivate your intentions on a daily basis?


    • Regularly set intentions and refine them as you become aware of ways in which you can further enhance the quality of your relationship
    • Share your intentions and goals for the relationship with your partner
    • Cultivate the feelings and emotions that match your intentions on a daily basis – regardless of whether or not you have achieved your intentions/ goals yet


Step 5 – Removing the Obstacles to your Intentions


  • What fears are in conflict with your intentions/ goals?
  • What activities, thoughts, and emotions – that are not aligned with your intentions – distract you away from working towards them?
  • What negative limited beliefs create limitations in your ability to achieve your intentions/ goals?


Step 6 – Aligning with your Intentions


  • What steps can you start taking over time to continue to grow closer to and align with your intentions?


Step 7 – Redefining your Intentions dynamically


Once you’ve achieved some, or all, of your current intentions/ goals in your relationship, go back to Step 1 to create new intentions/ goals for your relationship.




Intention is the most important factor in the process of consciously achieving the life that you choose.  


Without intention, we have no clear direction in life and it becomes difficult to harness the determination, willpower, and focus that is required in order for us to achieve our intentions/ goals in life.


Intentional living is not a new age concept.


It is a process grounded in truth and a deep understanding of the multitude of distractions that can come in the way of living with purpose and the need to remain one-pointed and focused in order to achieve anything in life.


When we use the power of our intention to navigate our life, we become more precise, clear, and agile in identifying the things that truly matter to us and the things that we can let go of because they don’t really bring us the fulfillment that we seek in life.


Further, by becoming aware of our intentions, we now have the opportunity to become aware of and release any and all fears, beliefs, expectations, and judgments that we uncover through the process of setting our intentions and which are not supporting our process of goal achievement.


Through the process of becoming aware of the primary intentions that bring us fulfillment, and releasing the fears locked in our subconscious mind (which are constantly influencing our ‘conscious’ decision-making process), we can begin to align more and more with our intentions and start achieving all our goals.