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Conscious Relationship Coaching

Relationships are a major part of everyday life.  When our relationships are out of balance, we may feel off, worried, or burdened. 

When we focus on creating and maintaining conscious, loving, and harmonious relationships, we feel better and our lives get better too.

In many ways, the quality of all of our relationships depends on how we relate to ourselves and what we've internalized through childhood conditioning and the very first relationship we ever had, i.e. our relationship with our parents.  As we learn to understand ourselves and our partner better, we can evolve our relationship into a caring, kind, loving, connected, supportive, and conscious relationship - maybe unlike any relationship we'd ever experienced before.

During a conscious relationship coaching session, we'll help you define, create, and cultivate your relationship so that you can easily resolve conflict and misunderstandings, miscommunication, feelings of disconnection, or loneliness, not feeling loved or appreciated, and many of the other painful relationship dynamics and feelings that we can experience when we're not operating as consciously as we could otherwise in our relationships.

We'll help you heal and clear old arguments, repetitive cycles and habits that you may have fallen into in your relationship.  And we'll help you create the conscious, loving relationship that brings joy, happiness, fulfillment and connection to you and your partner.

We look forward to helping you create a true partnership, where you can both flourish individually and as a couple, working to support each other with your personal and common intentions and goals.


To schedule your Conscious Relationship Coaching session, please visit this page.