Corona Virus Prevention and Healing | Ten Tips for Protection & Wholeness

Ten Tips for prevention and healing from the Corona Virus

We hope this finds you in vibrant health and feeling grounded and safe while the whole world is going through some challenging changes and uncertainty.

Generally speaking, worry, fear, anxiety, and panic tend to unground us and put us in a low energy state, thus reducing our body’s natural defenses.
That’s why it’s so helpful during these times to consciously manage your physical, mental, and emotional state. Keeping your vibration high helps to keep your immunity high.

For this reason, in addition to Dexter’s content on reducing relationship conflict, we’ll be sharing some tools over the next couple of weeks to help you keep your vibration high.
In a future email, we’ll discuss some of the big energy changes happening in humanity and how the Corona Virus, President Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders, and the economic changes we’re experiencing are involved.

First, here are 10 conscious ways to upkeep your optimal health and vitality.

1. Start and end your day with meditation to remain calm, grounded, and in as high a vibration as possible. As part of this meditation, visualize and feel yourself feeling youthful, joyful, peaceful, energetic, creative and however else you want to feel through the day.

We just created a new playlist on YouTube with meditations to help you boost your immune system and raise your vibration and energy state. Here’s a link to it: Corona Virus Prevention and Healing Playlist

2. Use Acupressure or Marma points to boost immunity and health.

Marmas are pressure points on your body that you can press with your fingers. When you do, you can signal or trigger certain energetic results in your body – like boosting immunity. We have a number of videos on our Youtube channel sharing the ancient technology of marmas that we learned from Master Healer Dr. Naram and you can find more videos on useful marmas for health and immunity on his Youtube channel here: Marma for Immune System Boost

3. Drink fresh organic juices that raise your vibration and boost your immune system.

The medical medium recommends drinking 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach to help boost your immune system and for other digestive benefits. Celery juice is actually surprisingly delicious and refreshing – with a naturally salty taste that brings incredible benefits. Other fruit and vegetable juices can help too!

4. Eat fresh and wholesome foods that raise your vibration.

You may enjoy simple, whole foods and lots of fresh cooked green vegetables to keep your body free of toxins. Because these foods are easy to digest, you save energy that can be used for maintaining your immunity and natural defenses. Avoid dairy, red meat and wheat during these times because they require a lot of energy to digest and tend to leave toxins according to Dr. Naram and others.

5. Use herbal home remedies to boost your immune system.

Our personal favorite is made from fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and fresh garlic. Blend and add to hot water. You can find more immune boosting recipes on this Ayurvedic website as well as natural supplements to boost your immunity if you prefer them: Natural Supplements for Immunity

6. Smudge your home with Sage, Frankincense, Copal, Sweet grass, Palo Santo and other herbs that raise the vibration of your home.

7. Chant mantras for health, protection, and to help clear any fear of death or illness associated with the Corona virus.

We have a number of mantra meditations available on our website to help with health conditions, prevention and healing. You can check them out following this link: Mantra Meditation Playlist.
We’ll be adding more in the next few weeks.

8. Gaze at Yantras! These are images with information and designs that provide protection and connect you to powerful benevolent spirits. They also raise your and your home’s vibration.

Check this short Yantra practice help protect you against the Corona virus. (You can print it and carry it on yourself for added protection.)

9. Connect to enlightened beings and other beings of light and ask for guidance through prayer or however you best like to connect to spiritual beings and ascended masters who can provide you with guidance and protection.

Dhanvantri, the celestial physician in Ayurveda or the Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism are both very auspicious energies to call upon for protection and healing from all conditions and viruses.

10. Surround yourself with high vibration energies and people who are resonating with the solution rather than fear or worry, which can lower your vibration and therefore your body’s natural defenses.

We hope this list supports you in keeping your vibration high and helps this be a time of positive transformation and forward momentum for you.

With love,


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