Corona Virus Prevention and Healing | Yantra Practice

How to use this yantra for energetic protection against the Corona Virus


The Yantra above was shared with us and is being circulated amongst Buddhist communities as a tool for protection against the Corona Virus.

Once activated, Yantras have the power to create a specific kind of energy around your body or in your home that the mind alone couldn’t.

This specific Yantra, which has been shared by the highest lamas in the Buddhist spiritual tradition, is intended to create a field of energetic protection against the Corona Virus.

While meditating upon this Yantra, I received spiritual guidance for its activation and best use, which I am sharing with you below:

The best way to use this Yantra is to place it in front of you and look at it with a soft gaze.

Begin by allowing your entire consciousness to be absorbed by the Yantra and the energy that emanates from it.

Once you are able to visualize it internally, close your eyes and see the Yantra in your mindโ€™s eye. (this can take a few times trying)

Once you see the Yantra in your mindโ€™s eye, connect to your heart with a deep sense of gratitude for receiving this Yantra and the protection it provides you. (if you can see it, feel it)

Feel your heart open and your entire body soften in knowing that you are protected by the energy of this Yantra.

Feel gratitude for the selfless spiritual and enlightened beings serving humanity who are sharing this Yantra with you.

Feel your heart open more, and imagine or feel that the energy of the Yantra is now in your heart.

Gently smile and imagine or feel the Yantra emanating from your heart center into the field all around you.

As the Yantra emanates from your heart, it creates a field of energetic protection against the Corona Virus.

Receive this protection and let yourself feel safe, protected, and in a deep state of inner peace and gratitude.

Give thanks and feel the energy field around you become stronger and brighter as a result of the energy of the Yantra permeating it.

If you have the time, intention, and energy to do so at this time, visualize or see the Yantra’s energy field surrounding the whole planet and protecting all beings (family, friends, all people, etc.)

ps: This guided practice will be available on our Youtube channel over the next week or so. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications when we release new meditations or videos. Here’s a link to our Youtube channel.

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Wishing you vibrant health and protection always!

With love,





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