Demystifying hypnosis and regression: How to change the past, present, and future and co-create the life you want

There are currently a lot of misconceptions and misapprehensions around the topic of hypnosis and regression.

Clearing those misunderstandings, or any other form of confusion or doubt we may have in life, can be really useful and valuable if one of our intentions is to achieve greater clarity, become more conscious and aware, experience a consistent state of inner peace, and enjoy our own personal and inherently self-validating experiences of life, whatever they may be.

You could say that no two humans on earth since the beginning of time have ever had, or will ever have, the exact same experience.  This is normal and natural since every single individuated soul has the freewill to choose its path of personal growth and transcendence and is therefore at a different stage in its evolutionary process towards enlightenment.

For anyone seeking to explore, inquire, and value their own experiences and wanting to gain a deeper level of understanding of those experiences, outside of the desire for certainty or the illusion of objective reality, this is further validation of how creative and limitless the universe we live in truly is.

One of the main reasons why hypnosis and regression are misunderstood stems from what is known as stage hypnosis. You may have seen people on stage quack like ducks or ‘made’ to behave in ridiculous ways under the control of an hypnotist.

Of course that’s all illusion since, in hypnosis, the person who enters the hypnotic state remains completely aware and in control of their thoughts, words, and actions. This is why if you recall your own experience of hypnosis, you will remember that you could clearly hear everything the hypnotist was saying, what you were saying, and also remembered everything that you experienced under hypnosis.

As recently as yesterday, one of my clients shared with me that she felt badly for knowingly making up all the childhood memories while under hypnosis because she felt really uncomfortable sharing what had actually come up during her regression. I reassured her that that was actually a natural part of the process, and that anything she suppressed and then attempted to cover up with a seeming lie was part of her process of becoming aware of something she felt ashamed to share and creating an alternate reality within her own mind that felt more acceptable to her.

How often do we actually do this in our day to day life and how much of that is the reality we then experience as ‘real’?  To one extent or another, you could say, all the time.

So if you’re not under the control of a seemingly all-powerful hypnotist, and if you can come up with whatever your mind decides it wants to conjure up of real memories, fantasy, imagination, symbolism, etc., how do hypnosis and regression really work and why is it even useful to do it?

Not unlike, mediation, hypnosis is really only self-hypnosis.  In a nutshell, it’s the process of achieving a state of relaxed focused concentration facilitated by instructions and cues that help you go beyond the barriers of your own conscious and self-censoring mind.  Sometimes, it happens without you realizing it, as when you’re watching a movie and you forget you’re in a room watching a movie, or you’re driving to work, and the next thing you know you’ve magically arrived at your destination.

When we attain a state of deep relaxed, focused concentration, we gain the capacity to access any one of our memories, which we choose to either consciously or subconsciously focus on.

Everything you’ve ever experienced is recorded in consciousness and therefore can be accessed and retrieved.  You may have heard of the Akashic records, which hold the entirety of all prior experiences ever had and all potentials into the present and future.  (For more on the Akashic records and how accessing them can tangibly help you, you can visit:

This is a great thing because 100% of the information that we record at any point in time is never 100% accurate, complete, or comprehensive.  That’s why it’s absolutely possible to change the past, present, and future at any moment in time through our re-interpretation of what happens.

In this present moment in time in our history as a species, we’re at an unprecedented, evolutionary stage where human beings are becoming aware of their own personal power and how they can use it wisely and discerningly in order to benefit their own lives and the lives of others too.

If you can go back to a memory that has lead to pain, limiting beliefs, fears, trauma, conflict, miscommunication, challenging situations, non-optimal decisions and other detrimental dynamics, and shine the light of consciousness on this memory, the thoughts, emotions, interpretations, fears, beliefs, and feelings that were recorded in that moment in time and gain insight that will facilitate the release, healing, and resolution of anything that is not helping you live a more joyful, loving, balanced, harmonious, and peaceful existence, it means you can end suffering.

We could say that every experience of suffering in humanity can be resolved through the light of consciousness.  When you choose to willingly and consciously shine the light of consciousness on prior painful memories or misunderstandings, not only are you proactively resolving your own suffering and getting closer to enlightenment, you’re also participating in freeing the collective consciousness, i.e. the whole of humanity, from suffering.

Hypnosis and regression are such tools – there are others – that help us shine the light of consciousness on prior areas of obscuration and incomplete understanding.  Using them gives you easier access to your own subconscious mind (which makes up 95% of your decision-making process) and can help you continually gain new insights and re-understand things in a new and more empowering light.  Such shifts in perspectives can lead to fundamental and constructive life changes.

For example, if someone had an experience as a child of either disappointing or not meeting a parent’s expectation in some way – whether that was verbally and directly expressed by the parent or not – the subtle and subconscious implications of these kinds of experiences – which probably most of us have had – and the beliefs that were created as a result can have massive repercussions, and often unrecognized and therefore not yet fully resolvable, on their life.

For instance, we could as a result, consciously or subconsciously, create and anchor the belief that we’re not good enough, or that somehow a part of us is bad or wrong, or even worse, that we don’t deserve to be loved exactly as we are.  We could then become subconsciously entrained into wanting to become perfect – which is different than continuously choosing to grow and evolve – so that we could avoid the pain we felt from having failed to meet a parent’s expectation and having felt rejected as a result.

This is just one scenario projection.  There are many more that build upon one another to create layers upon layers of misconceptions and misunderstandings about ourselves, from which we make our life decisions and experience reality.

All these mentally created scenarios and the beliefs, fears, self expectations, and self judgments that result can taint our capacity to unconditionally love, accept, and forgive ourselves from moment to moment, and to consistently feel good about ourselves – which is the most optimal state of being to be in at any point in time.

In hypnosis and regression, these perspectives can be shifted, which tend to then lead to the associated beliefs, fears, self-expectations, and self-judgments clearing and releasing from our consciousness, thus allowing for more grounded, accurate, and facilitative understandings to arise.

Imagine how different you would feel if you didn’t have any conscious or subconscious recordings of having failed to meet the expectations of people you love and ‘depend’ upon.  Imagine how much more consistently relaxed, grounded, and confident you would feel.

Hypnosis and regression give us the opportunity to change the past, present, and therefore the future too, and empower us to live as consciously, wisely, and discerningly as we can.

They empower us to dive underneath the tumultuous surface created by a busy, scattered, and noisy conscious mind, and to look for things that can support us in becoming more self-loving, conscious, aware, focused, determined, and at equanimity with ourselves and the world.

It’s not what many project it to be, i.e. a painful and gruesome process of reconciliation and reliving of painful or traumatizing memories, which keeps us from diving in and freeing ourselves from these non-optimal recordings that then continue to affect us underneath the surface, and make 95% of our everyday life decisions and therefore of our life results.

It’s a process of becoming free to live and operate consciously and lovingly in the present moment, with ever more personal satisfaction, compassion, caring, kindness, and true fulfillment.

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