Depression Counseling

My wife and I offer depression counseling with a very a rare, uncommon and highly effective approach. We combine a variety of healing modalities from Eastern and Western traditions to help people transform their depression from a negative, unwanted experience into a positive meaningful stepping stone on their path to personal love, happiness, and fulfillment.

Depression counseling with Dexter and Alessandrina

Our approach to depression counseling is unique and non-traditional. We empower our clients with information that allows them to deeply understand themselves and work through the core emotions that they're experiencing as depression. We've helped children and adults quickly transcend suicidal thoughts, feelings of lethargy, low self esteem, grief, deep sadness and boredom in life, and more. Please read our following brief comments on depression to see if you feel we're a good fit for you or your loved one.

The pains of depression

Depression can feel debilitating, overwhelming, and crippling to someone who is depressed and even to that person’s family and friends. When depressed, it can feel difficult to get out of bed, difficult to sleep, difficult to move, and difficult to get anything done. For family and friends, it can be painful and challenging to try to help, support, or stand by someone who might appear unmotivated to change.

Why it's hard to transcend depression without counseling

Depression can be a particularly difficult emotional state to try to pull oneself or someone else out of, even with depression counseling. This is partially because the lack of energy and lack of motivation that accompanies depression can make it difficult for a depressed person to apply the will power, energy, and discipline required to work through and out of their depressed feelings. This can create what can appear to be a dilemma, or 'stuck' feeling.

Another reason why it can be difficult to release depression is that when someone is depressed and experiences low motivation and energy, they often also don’t feel capable of investing their time and energy into maintaining their lives and investing towards their goals. This often leads to them ‘letting themselves and other things go’.

A depressed person, for example, will likely not get work done that they could get done for their career. They might not put effort into their relationships (which can lead to a diminishment of their social life). They might not exercise, eat, or maintain their health (which can lead to unhealthy weight gain or weight loss). They might try to self-medicate their emotional pain and become addicted to drugs or certain behavior patterns. They might blame themselves, others, their job, or their surroundings for the way they feel and make drastic, emotionally reactive changes that don't resolve their internal emotions. They might even stop optimally caring for their hygiene or safety which can, in the worst cases, lead to life threatening situations. In worst case scenarios they might also become suicidal.

When these negative results of depression manifest, it can create what feels like a mountain of unresolvable problems. This mountain can feel like a disincentive for a depressed person to make positive changes in their lifestyle, habits, emotions, and perspectives. Sometimes, someone will spiral downwards like this until they reach a point of sufficient pain that the pain  actually motivates them to change – because it hurts so much to continue on in the same way. Other times, a loved one or family member will help them into some sort of rehabilitation process. Other times, a depressed person might appear to get stuck or frozen in their depression, seemingly unable to shift for a long period of time that usually involves a lot of pain for them and their loved ones.

Depression counseling really can work

No matter where someone is in their process of depression, energetically and spiritually speaking, there is almost always the opportunity to make positive change and to transcend a feeling of depression with a conscious depression counselor. Despite what a depressed person might feel, there is no ‘valley’ too deep to climb out of. Ironically, the valley we imagine we’re in is often far less terrible, daunting, or scary than we make it out to be. It’s our imagination and process of projection that leads to things looking so bleak.

Of course, hearing someone tell you that or even knowing that is often times not enough to help someone step out of depression. In order to do that, typically, it’s necessary for someone to really understand what they’re feeling, and, to a degree, why they’re feeling it. This often times involves working through a bundle of different thoughts, emotions, perspectives, beliefs, worries, fears, and even past pain and trauma that were holding the feelings of depression, low energy, and lack of motivation in place.  Ultimately, with loving, wise, and conscious depression counseling (something that’s unfortunately not very common yet), one can replace the negative feelings of depression with freedom producing self-awareness, clarity, and understanding.

This process can be one of the most self-empowering, enlightening, and inspiring experiences we can have in our lives. In that way, a “bad” thing like depression can lead to a wonderful result – personal growth and spiritual evolution and healing. If one is able to embrace this opportunity and potential for positive results, they can transform the depression from a seemingly life-sucking, impenetrable wall to a stepping stone leading on the path to the fulfillment of one’s deepest intentions.

Everyone is unique. There is no one-size fits all process to helping someone transcend depression. That’s why helping someone move past depression requires working specifically with their being, energy system, thoughts, emotions, perspectives, and values and addressing them as the unique individual that they are.  If someone is at least open minded and willing to accept new information, they have the potential to transcend depression. My wife and I offer a unique approach to holistic depression counseling by empowering people with information, tools, and techniques that they can use to energetically and spiritually heal themselves while finding the motivation to do so. Contact us by clicking here if you’d like to try a session for yourself or another.