Developing Intuition and Inner Vision by opening and activating your Third Eye

How developing your intuition can help you have a clearer vision of your future and feel better.
Demystifying energy and gaining grounded and practical perspectives on the human energy system can be a process of increased self-awareness and self-empowerment.
In this article, we intend to give you a very simple perspective on the energy centers that operate within and outside of our physical body, with a specific focus on our sixth chakra, which pertains to intuition and inner vision.
The ultimate goal here is to give you a direct and easy path to developing your own intuition and inner vision so that you might experience more inner peace, joy, personal satisfaction and fulfillment as you accelerate towards your intentions and goals.
We have multiple energy centers within our body, which include what we call the seven main in-body chakras.  Each one of these energy centers has different functions, including that of sharing, processing, and integrating information with and from our environment.
These energy centers, or chakras, can be developed, cleared and healed of blockages, and activated, therefore enhancing their functionality and augmenting their capacity to process more information more accurately and precisely over time.
Investing time, love, and energy optimizing our energy centers directly translates into achieving a better reading of our environment, a clearer perspective of ourselves and our interactions with the world, an exponentially more intelligent use and management of our energy and internal resources, and greater internal alignment with what’s in our highest and best good, now and forever.
When our energy centers are optimally balanced and harmonious, we feel good, we’re filled with creative energy and optimism, we have clarity over our life purpose and our chosen path, we feel connected to ourselves and others, we make conscious changes and adjustments when necessary, our relationships thrive, we experience abundance in all aspects of our being, and it becomes easier for us to achieve our most desired dreams in less time.
It’s up to us which one of these energy centers we choose to develop and cultivate from moment to moment, depending on our personal intentions and chosen life path.
Ultimately, it’s useful to clear, heal, balance, integrate, and harmonize all of our seven main in-body chakras so that we can experience more congruence and internal alignment, which translates directly into a more peaceful, loving, fulfilling, and successful existence.
Today, we’ve chosen to share with you how you can open and activate your sixth chakra, known as the ‘third eye’, the energy center roughly located at the center of your two eyebrows, just above.
Simply put, this energy center helps you connect to your intuition and inner vision.  It’s a gateway to the Universal wisdom and guidance and all of the information that can become available to you when you place your consciousness (meditate) upon that space, including that of future potentials.
Developing this chakra can help you shift from anxiety and stress to deep inner knowing and faith about any chosen path and life situation that you wish to create.
As your third eye opens and develops, it can help you have a clearer vision of your life and your life purpose, and start manifesting the things you’ve wanted in your life much faster and with greater joy and happiness.
Imagine going from daily worries, anxious thoughts, self-doubt, inner conflict about which direction to take in your life, distraction or mild to severe addictions, or an overall state of confusion to a grounded, peaceful, and positive understanding of what you want, why you want it, and how to get there with the least effort or resistance.  That’s what developing intuition and inner vision looks and feels like.
When you focus on developing your intuition, you spend less time trying to ‘make things happen’ and spinning your wheels attempting to control desired outcomes.  Resources, people, and the ‘right’ circumstances present themselves to you at the ‘perfect’ time.
Investing just a couple of minutes a day, especially right after when you wake up, or just before going to bed, is not time taken away from manifesting your intentions and goals, it’s what enables you to come into greater alignment with them with the least amount of effort and resistance.
The more you visualize and envision your future with faith and inner peace, the easier it becomes to create and shape it with more and more precision, conscious wisdom and discernment, and to achieve greater success in a relaxed and positive manner.
There are many different techniques that have been developed and refined over thousands of years in order to open and activate your third eye chakra.  We’ve shared a few on our free website at  You can choose one that most resonates with you and that gives you the kinds of results that you prefer (just type in ‘third eye’ in the search toolbar.)
We’ve also created a video that guides you through a short and effective meditation designed to help open and activate your third eye by clearing blockages in this part of your energy system and circulating new energy through it.  You can watch it here:
If you’re interested in understanding more about your third eye, intuition, what your life purpose is, and identifying and removing any blockages to your inner vision currently limiting your capacity to feel more positive and peaceful about your life and the future, respond to this email directly or contact us via our website at:
Wishing a fun-filled and successful week!
Alessandrina & Dexter


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