Developing spatial awareness and going quantum

In this short article, we’ll explore how developing and cultivating spatial awareness can help you to leave behind the past and the emotions that keep you feeling stuck to a past self that you no longer want to resonate with and embrace the new you, i.e. who you want and choose to be from moment to moment.

1. Identification

We can be identified to our body, the things we own, the people we know, the places we go, the time we live in so much so that it can feel very difficult to extricate ourselves from our existing environment, which is often just a reflection of the past, and to create a new self and reality.  We are not our body, our mind, the things we own, the people we know, the places we go, the time we live in.  Those are all dimensions of experience of self that we can change at any point in time if we choose to.  A lot of who we are in the present moment is a result of the past, and the past is for the most part the result of programs we’ve downloaded from society or the people closest to us, especially our parents, grandparents, and other people who were an authority figure in our lives.  If we want to change those old programs and move into a new future, we must first dis-identify from the past and what keeps us tied to the past, our self-created image of self.  Spatial awareness is a key step to dis-identification with our past self that gives us the opportunity to go from particle (a set of programs and habits that become you) to wave (an unlimited being with the capacity to continuously change, evolve, and choose new experiences.)

2. What is spatial awareness?

Spatial awareness is the practice of cultivating our awareness of space.  It develops our capacity to become aware of space, the space that your body occupies in space and of the space within space.  When we shift our awareness in this way, we go from convergent  focus into divergent focus, or open focus, and from particle to wave.  When we develop spatial awareness, we become aware that there is only space, and that what we have the capacity to perceive through our 5 senses as matter is actually only vast space in which energy vibrates at different frequencies.  The slower the frequency, the more dense matter appears to us.  The higher the frequency or vibration, the more subtle the energy.  In this way, when we cultivate spatial awareness, we become more energy than matter.

3, How do we cultivate spatial awareness?

Cultivating spatial awareness essentially means taking our awareness off of matter so that we can explore and expand into space and the realm of infinite possibilities that energy offers us.  Taking our awareness off of matter means taking our attention off of our body, the things we own, the people we know, the places we go, and the time we live in.  When we take our attention off of matter, and we begin to focus on space and the space within and all around us, our energy becomes familiar and attuned to space and the space we are made of and that we live in.  As we place our attention and energy on space in space, we become one with space, less matter, more mind, energy, or space, less past, more future, with less inherent limitations, and more potentials and possibilities.  If you’d like to practice spatial awareness and explore for yourself how it can change your experience of self or reality, you can use this guided meditation we created in oder to help support you in developing spatial awareness:

4. What happens when we cultivate spatial awareness?

As you cultivate spatial awareness, you may find that you become no body, no one, no thing, no where, no time.  Now, to an ego that’s identified with being somebody, someone, somewhere, some place, some time, that can feel scary, and it isn’t.  Relinquishing who you’ve believed yourself to be in the past means letting go of the past and the prior limitations you’ve experienced in the past, and opening yourself up to new experiences, an infinite number of them, as you explore the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  This means that all of your perceived problems, which are tied to your identification with the old self, can be dissolved, and that in the space of emptiness where there is infinite time, all of the solutions and all permutations of solutions to the problems of your ego, or person, become perceivable and available to you.  As Einstein remarked, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’  The same thinking is in the old self, as are the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and decisions that keep the old self feeling stuck and unable to find the solution to his/ her problems.  The new thinking, the new thoughts, the new decisions, the new emotions, the new feelings, and the new experiences are with the new self and they are what supports the creation of a new personality and a new reality.

5. How spatial awareness helps clear the resistance to change

Our resistance to change comes from identification.  The old self is identified to the body, people, things, places, and times that all constitute the ‘known’ and he/ she fears the ending of the ‘known’ as an experience of the death of the ego and the self.  The old self is the one who’s attached to the known and fears the ending of the known and what he/ she calls the unknown.  The new self doesn’t.  It’s completely free of the past and inherently creative, unlimited, and unburdened by beliefs.  We can’t move from the old self to the new self without letting go of the old self and everything he/ she believes he/ she knows.  When we cultivate spatial awareness, we leave the old self and all of its recordings from the past, and we become no body, no one, no thing, no space, no time.  In this experience of dis-identification with the ego and the old self, we now merge with the field of pure consciousness.  When we connect to this field of infinite possibilities, there’s no resistance due to perception of lack that comes from the past, there is only possibilities and choice into the future.  Through spatial awareness, we connect to everybody, everyone, everything, every place, every time.  There, we become free to create, not as a linear process of using matter to change matter, but rather using the infinite mind of pure consciousness to connect to new possibilities.



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