Dexter and Alessandrina do not give medical, legal or investment advice and no information that Dexter and Alessandrina communicate should be taken as such advice by clients. Dexter and Alessandrina do not warrant or guarantee results of any kind, and all information provided by Dexter and Alessandrina is based solely upon their intuitive process. Dexter and Alessandrina do not disclose confidential information unless required by law. Dexter and Alessandrina do not accept responsibility for the choices their clients make based upon information provided to them during private appointments, seminars, sessions, or teachings (whether recorded, published, or live). By utilizing Dexter or Alessandrina's services, clients agree not to involve either Dexter, Alessandrina, or the content of their sessions in any legal proceedings of any kind, and understand that Dexter and Alessandrina are not licensed medical professionals, counselors, or therapists of any kind and do not claim to be so. Clients understand that their practice is purely intuitive and spiritual in nature.