Dr Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Workshop: The things we carry and how to let them go

Some thoughts can seem really hard to let go of, and as much as you try to stop having them, suppress or repress them, or fight with yourself to release them, nothing seems to do it.

The same goes with certain uncomfortable feelings and emotions that we’d rather not feel, or unwanted habits and patterns we can’t seem to break free of.

At the core of this dynamic of feeling stuck replaying things we don’t want to experience are certain fears, beliefs, and painful memories that we’ve recorded at some point in time, in this life or in a past life, and that we tend to resist – consciously or subconsciously – letting go of for fear that if we do, we might experience them again.

This dynamic is not a problem in itself, it’s something to be aware of so that, over time, through self awareness, introspection, and self management, you can feel comfortable and empowered to release the painful memories, fears, and beliefs that have created repetitive patterns of thought, emotion, and habitual behavior that you see the limitation of and want to transcend.

If something is not helping you feel good in the present moment and focus positively on what’s most important and meaningful to you, why continue to carry it with you day after day and let it reduce the quality of your life experience?

The challenge with letting go is that if we had felt safe and empowered letting go of something or had known how to, we would most likely have already done it.

The opportunity is that, once we understand (1) why we haven’t felt safe letting go of something, (2) how not letting it go continues to negatively affect us and limit the quality of our life experience in the present moment, (3) we are empowered with more conscious perspectives and understandings about what has happened, (4) explore new tools to let go and transcend our prior fears, (5) and we feel confident that we can navigate life consciously without repeating prior painful experiences, we gain the capacity to let it go without having to force or fight ourselves in the process.

Over time, this translates into being able to let things go, both from the past and at the moment something uncomfortable or painful happens.  This helps us clear things up and feel lighter and more free, and also not create any new mental or emotional impression in the bucket of ‘unresolved things’ we otherwise carry.

Age regression and past life regression sessions are a platform that give you the opportunity to become aware of things from the past that you still carry with you today and ways in which they continue to influence your thinking, emotional states, quality of consciousness, decision-making process, habitual behavioral and coping mechanisms, relationships, and the results you get in your life in the present moment.

By shining the light of consciousness on those memories that you subconsciously carry with you in your daily life, and releasing the associated pain, thoughts, emotions, interpretations, and other unwanted distortions you recorded at the time it happened, you can process them out instead of keeping them suppressed in the subconscious mind where they continue to negatively affect you on an ongoing basis until they are addressed and permanently released from your system.

Watch Carolina, owner at Sobe Lift, as she shares her story about past life regression and the tangible improvements she has been able to experience in her relationship and life as a result of her regular practice of it and learning to progressively and patiently uncover suppressed memories and let them go.

Thank you so much, Carolina, for trusting us and being willing to be open and vulnerable to new experiences to improve and empower yourself and your life.

If, like Carolina, you’re interested in trying it out, visit: https://www.dexterandalessandrina.com/past-life-regression-session/

and schedule a past life regression session with Dexter or Alessandrina.

If you’d like to get a taste of it and understand more about past life regressions before going deeper through a private session, then consider joining us this coming Saturday, July 21st, at 10.30 am for our weekly past life regression workshop: https://goo.gl/3AxGDA

If you can’t make this one, check out our schedule of events and join us at the next event: https://www.dexterandalessandrina.com/events/

If you have any questions, special requests, or want to schedule a private session with either one of us, feel free to text or call 786-308-9552, or email us at alessandrina@dexterandalessandrina.com.

We look forward to helping you and sharing a positive life changing experience with you,

Alessandrina and Dexter

Testimonial on the practical benefits of Past Life Regression

‘Life changing!  Every time, you come a little closer to your true self… Amazing!  Everybody should try it!’

​- ​Carolina, Owner at SobeLift, Miami Beach, FL

‘…The past life regression sessions are amazing, completely different than what I expected and thought they were going to be.  Life changing, for sure. I think we don’t realize how much we hang on to things of our past that we think mean nothing, but when they come to light, they mean everything.  And they explain a lot of why we do things in our lives continuously. So for me, just doing two sessions has been amazing, and I can’t wait to do more. And that’s how I feel, every week, I get excited to do another one because every week is different and every time you do it is different, and you come a little closer to your true self and you’re able to let go and experience, and it’s amazing.  And definitely, definitely, everybody should try it! ‘

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