Every day is a new beginning: how perspective changes your reality

In this short article, we contemplate the value of embracing each day and each moment as brand new.  We look at how when we release past perspectives that have kept us feeling stuck or dissatisfied, and we embrace new and more empowering ones, we experience a new life and we create a new reality.  This article is based upon a hypnosis script we use to help people shift from disempowering or limiting perspectives into more expansive and open states of emotions and being.

‘Yesterday, the sun sank behind the horizon at the close of the day.  The sky was overcast, no stars appeared within the firmament, and you felt downcast, and disillusioned, because the day seemed to have brought only frustration and a lack of results.’  

Those perspectives about your experience of that day not only affected how you felt, they also influenced the way you experienced your environment and the reality of your circumstances.

When we increase our capacity to perceive when, where, how, and why we get stuck in disempowering perspectives, we gain the capacity to free ourselves from the past and to continue to create in the present moment again and again and again,  In this way, we embrace each moment as completely new rather than a continuous replaying of the past.

‘Today, you awaken with the sunlight pouring in through the window, a new day is at hand, a new opportunity to build upon the lessons learned from yesterday’s obstacles and challenges.’

There’s nothing that’s happened to us or others in the past that we can’t understand, transcend, and free ourselves from.  Everything we experience is an opportunity for us to learn and refine our process of creating our own personal heaven on earth. 

Each one of us is born and comes here to accomplish something, and to play a significant part in the Universal plan that’s greater than any one individual, greater than each and every one of us.  This universal plan, or life force, unfolds regardless of how we feel about it and the way that our ego interprets, and thus experiences, it.  

When we live life in this state of wholeness, openness, and integration, we begin to realize that, every experience we have is leading us towards the fulfillment of this Universal plan, that’s greater than our individual self.   And when we’re present to each day and we choose to make the most out of it, then, things always come out just fine no matter the challenge that presents itself to us 

We have the inner resources, the wisdom, and the capacity to shift our perspectives in a way that creates more balance, harmony, love, and equanimity in our lives and the lives of others who are also part of the Universal plan.

‘Someone has said, we must listen for life to happen, listen expectantly.’’ 

What does it mean to listen?  And how do we listen expectantly?  It’s easy to stop listening when we’re tuned into the old radio station that’s broadcasting fragments of memories from the past that didn’t even happen the way we remember them happening.  It’s often much more difficult to tune into the present moment and to take a leap of faith – a step into the unknown – and to listen without fear, bias, or ego.

Maybe you’ve been listening at times, or maybe you’ve not been listening as much as you could in order to be able to be more present, conscious, and aware.  Maybe that’s because you’ve felt that you needed to focus on your perceived problems and your projections of their implications on your future.  And if you’ve been focused on your perceived problems, how could you find the solution to those?

When we focus on our perceived problems, we’re now actively in the experience of having a problem.  As the Buddha said, ‘you are what you think’, or ‘as you think, you become.’   You can’t focus on something and not be in the experience of it because where your attention goes is where your energy also flows.  And this energy is no longer available for you to focus on the solution, to resonate with the state of energy and vibration that you want to experience.

The solution to your perceived problems is to let go of your concerns, worries, and stress, to let go of your perceived problems by changing how you think.  When you declare to yourself that you are not your problems and that your problems are not you, you begin to dis-identify from them and you liberate energy that can now be applied to a new perspective and thus a new experience of reality.

As you free your mind from your past perceived problems, you begin to see and resonate with the solution to what you used to see as your problems.  And when your mind is free, you have additional resources and bandwidth to dedicate to the emergence of a new reality.  This is when true creative energy is liberated and can be used to support and manifest your intentions and your vision of the reality you wish to create and experience.

In this new state of emotion and energy, you can reaffirm to yourself the new emotional choices you’re making. For instance, you can let yourself feel what it feels like to declare to yourself: “I let go of my feelings of disempowerment and negativity.  I choose, develop, and cultivate a happy and peaceful personality each day.  Each day, I release the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up and I choose to continuously redirect my attention, focus, and energy on the positive in all things.”  

The main reason why we’ve felt disempowered, stuck, or lacking control in our lives is because we had not learned yet how to optimally manage and release our negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and how to allow in the positive and empowering thoughts of truth and love and hope.  

Every day brings new challenges, and with these, new opportunities to prove yourself to yourself in reality, to be a believer in truth, and love and hope, that you never need to feel helpless or hopeless about yourself or any situation that you find yourself in.

Every day is the opportunity to dis-identify from the old self and to consciously become aware of the vast difference between the events that unfold in your life and how you react to them, because they are vastly different.  They are not the same at all, and as you begin to clearly distinguish those events in your life from your reactions to them, you free yourself from the old feelings that used to arise in reaction to your own projections.  

This shift in perspective gives you the opportunity to learn to relax comfortably in the midst of any seeming challenge, in the knowledge that you can and will always do your part and will continue to do your part and to be a part of something much greater than your mind could ever imagine, an essential part of the Universal plan.

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