Family Constellations: How does changing the past affect your future?

if you spent just a few minutes each day reflecting upon your feelings, emotions, patterns, thoughts, and behaviors, you’d be able to identify, with some degree of certainty, the root causes for the majority of your current stress, seeming lack of success or abundance, health challenges, relationship struggles, and more.

Often times, we’re so invested and engrossed in the current dynamics that make up our lives that we start to believe that the difficulties we’re experiencing in the present moment are caused by those circumstances, situations, and relationships, when truly they aren’t.  They all originate in the past.

When we do this, we remain stuck looking for a solution to a problem that does not originate in the present moment, and therefore cannot be resolved without a deeper understanding as to the precise root cause for the problem being experienced and its point of origination.

Generation after generation, people inherit the stress, anxiety, and worries of their parents and grandparents and of their early life experiences and tend to replicate the same coping strategies that caused imbalances in their health, relationships, capacity to receive abundance, and other dimensions of themselves and their lives that don’t receive the kind of focus, love, and intentionality required for harmony and balance to occur.

Becoming aware of these external influences, which originate back in time, in early childhood or sometimes as far back as three generations or more, onto your present day reality can be the stepping stone for understanding how they have been affecting you and how to release their influence permanently.

All families, knowingly or unknowingly, carry intergenerational trauma that gets handed down generation after generation until someone in the family empowers themselves to break the cycle (of pain and suffering.)

Sometimes, the trauma runs very deep in our system because the situation experienced by past generations triggered a sense of not being safe in the world, as with war, terrorism, sexual abuse, and other traumatic events such a death or suicide in the family that shook the foundation of the family and its sense of safety.

Other times, the trauma may seem to be more minor, such as a child being raised by a single parent, parents experiencing limited financial resources, or perfectionist or narcissistic parents, and other seemingly less serious situations. Still, the experience for a young child – who only has their root chakra open and is downloading programs from their environment from age 0-7 – growing up in this environment is one of stress, worry, and even fight-or-flight.

Identifying this intergenerational and early life trauma in your family history, major or minor, and working to resolve it at the root means resolving your most challenging and seemingly unresolvable life situations that limit your capacity to experience vibrant health, unlimited abundance, harmonious relationships, deeper happiness, and more.

If these goals are meaningful to you, then consider working with the Family Constellations model to free yourself from the weight and limitations of intergenerational and early life trauma.

This coming Saturday, April 20th, we’re hosting a Family Constellations workshop aimed at shedding layers of intergenerational pain and trauma, and achieving positive, permanent changes and shifts in perspective that will empower you to feel better about yourself, your relationships, your life, your direction in life, and to achieve what’s most meaningful and fulfilling to you.

You can use this link to register (space is limited):

If you prefer to work one on one on these issues, you can also schedule a private session with Dexter or myself.

For more information, please call or text 786-308-9552 or email

To find out more about the Family Constellations Therapy model and how it works, visit our webpage:

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