Family Constellations: Understanding and Clearing the negative influences of our family conditioning, karma, belief systems, and limiting patterns

We’re all connected on multiple levels and in many, sometimes unrecognized, ways.

Becoming aware of the depth of our interconnectedness and ways in which it influences us, our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and life results on an ongoing basis is key to us understanding, dismantling, and releasing non-optimal patterns, habits, and behaviors that we’ve inherited through familial, societal, and karmic conditioning.

Once we understand when, where, how, and why we influence one another, consciously and unconsciously, we can then learn to manage and reduce any unwanted negative influences that are not in any of our highest and best interest.

Families and societies hand down patterns, habits, and behaviors from generation to generation, without always realizing when, where, how, and why it’s happening and the widespread implications of these inherited cycles, fears, beliefs, and other non optimal patterns and the major limitations they create in our lives.

You can choose to consciously and lovingly break this cycle of conditioning and patterning permanently.

We can continue to love and respect our families, our country, our cultural heritage and traditions, while subtracting the influence of non-optimal habits, fears, or beliefs that we can see and understand the limitations of.

In the age of personal empowerment and self-sovereignty that we’re in, information, insights, and understandings that had not been as widely and comprehensively available to us (up until now) are now helping us make more conscious and aligned choices and thus create greater opportunities for ourselves, our families, and the entire planet too.

Gifted with this self empowerment, we now have the opportunity to break free of our past conditioning faster and more deeply than ever before, and thus gain the capacity to understand more deeply when, where, how, and why we want what we want, who we are (at a deeper level than ever before), and to therefore manifest powerfully as co-creators of our reality from moment to moment.

Dexter and I would love to share with you how you can increase your awareness of the less desirable influences of family, society, and the collective consciousness on your life and start releasing the influences that are creating inner and outer conflict in your life, unwanted situations, and non optimal life circumstances.

We’ve designed an introductory workshop based on the Family Constellations Therapy model, which we both trained in, with this intention in mind. and we’d love it if you joined us, live or in-person.

Why attend?

In this workshop, we would love to help you:

* uncover and release the root of non-optimal patterns, habits, and behaviors

* understand your family karma and how it’s influenced your life up until now

* release limiting beliefs, fears, expectations, and judgments that you’ve been conditioned into by family, society, and the collective consciousness

* become empowered to recognize and trust that you know what’s in your highest and best good from moment to moment

* resolve and transcend inherited patterns of suffering handed down from generation to generation

* develop new skills and mobilize resources that will help you feel more empowered in the process of breaking free of your past conditioning

*permanently resolve repetitive issues and unresolved trauma that come up in your life

* identify, map, and release unconscious influences that have or could affect your health, creative energy, success, fulfillment, and relationships

* create new, loving, and empowered perspectives and behaviors that will support you in creating the life you want

* shift your emotional state and energy blueprint permanently into one of joy, inner peace, faith, and lasting personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

To register for this event, visit:

For any questions or special requests, call or text 786-308-9552, or email us at

For more information on the Family Constellations process and model, visit:

For more events with Dexter and Alessandrina, visit

Looking forward to helping you heal, grow, and love yourself, your family, and your life more and more every day.

With love from Detroit,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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