• Heal your relationship with yourself, your parents, and the world
  • Understand how patterns in your family history can trickle down to you
  • Identify and release family patterns in your life that could be causing relationship issues, fears, phobias, financial difficulties, anxiety, or illness
  • Heal your relationship with your parents to feel grounded and OKAY at the core of your being
  • Release unresolved emotions and stress from childhood that may be subconsciously affecting you today
  • Build a healthy core and foundation for the rest of your life
  • Fundamentally evolve the way you relate to the world
  • Get in touch with and heal the inner child inside of you
  • Resolve unwanted family karmas that would otherwise influence your life

What is family constellations?

Family constellations is an approach to helping people understand and resolve issues in their lives. It’s based on the understanding that we inherit patterns from our family lineage. This includes patterns from our parents, grandparents, and later ancestors as well. These patterns can be passed on from generation to generation in the subconscious minds of individuals, repeating themselves until one person in the family lineage becomes capable and willing to resolve it. These patterns (or family karma) influence the way we feel about ourselves, who we perceive ourselves to be, how we relate to others, and how we relate to the world. Thus, they can have a foundational influence on our health, relationships, finances, and moment to moment thoughts and emotions.

How does family constellations work?

Family constellations empowers you to identify the patterns that you’ve picked up from your family and childhood and how they continue to influence your life. These patterns can be picked up from traumatic events, or simply passed down invisibly without any perceptible traumatic source. Most of the time, these patterns and limitations are invisible to us – like glass ceilings. They are subconscious. In a family constellations session, we can help you identify these patterns, understand them more deeply, and understand how to resolve them. Resolving these patterns helps heal it for your entire family, and can also produce more well-being, wisdom, clarity, and positivity in your life. It can clear blockages and help you make great progress towards your goals.