Family Counselor

My wife and I have helped many families and family members work through challenging and complex situations. We've helped them restore balance to their lives and household and to have harmonious, loving, and mutually understanding relationships as well as optimal communication going forward.

What a facilitative family counselor can help you achieve

Difficult family dynamics can be resolved with the help of a conscious, non-judgmental family counselor who, instead of taking sides or participating in the blame and victimhood, is able to empower all the family members involved to achieve a new state of self-awareness, understanding of themselves and each other, and compassion that will allow everyone to heal, grow, and resolve  the issues at their root.

Why almost every family could benefit from a conscious family counselor

All families, just like all groups of people, experience relationship issues, conflict, and challenging situations. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the family, or members of the household.  No one is bad or wrong - sometimes we act from ignorance, fear, emotional blindness, or lack of awareness.

It’s normal for families to experience difficulties and for people to get into conflict, even intense conflict! That’s why, if we want a harmonious family, it’s important to have the information, tools, and techniques required to work through the complex issues that can arise in a household where people of different ages, genders, values, interests, and even karmas share an intimate life together under the same roof. It’s important because the relationships that we have with family, whether we feel it during conflict or not, are ultimately very dear to our hearts. When we lose a loved one, even if we had distanced ourselves from them and hadn’t spoken to them for years, it can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences we can have in a lifetime.  Putting in the energy to have harmonious relationships with family can make a huge difference in our ultimate satisfaction with ourselves and progress in our lives.

During times of conflict, differences of opinion, and other triggering and emotional experiences with family members, it’s normal for people to get angry, judgmental, to blame, and to feel overwhelmed. Of course, just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s necessary. In addition to that, just because conflict has occurred and hurtful words or actions have been taken, doesn’t mean relationships can’t be forgiven and reconciled. No matter what has happened, the past can be forgiven and even forgotten.

Why family conflict happens

Ultimately, the difficult family dynamics we might find ourselves in are truly stepping stones in our process of evolution as individuals, a family, and even a species. This greater perspective on the role and even opportunity that difficult family dynamics play in our lives allows us to optimally prioritize resolving these issues while not getting caught up and slowed down by a process of judging ourselves, our family, or each other. Without this greater perspective, it can be easy for people to get lost in their fear, resentment, and misinterpretations of each other.

Working with Dexter and Alessandrina

Working with a family counselor, at least when you work with Alessandrina and I, is partially about receiving help working through these misinterpretations that lead to the negative emotions and conflict that can destabilize a family. A non-judgmental, loving, facilitative, third party is an invaluable resource to help each individual in the family (or at least the individuals that are willing to receive facilitation) to work through their portion of the conflict. That said, not everyone in the family need participate in order to achieve positive results. If at least one member of the family is open to receiving family counseling from a conscious facilitator, then the work that they do can actually empower and benefit other members of the family to more rapidly heal and evolve beyond whatever difficult family dynamics they are facing. That means that you alone have the power to achieve great, positive results for yourself and your family - even if your husband, wife, children, parent, or other members of the family aren’t interested. If you're interest in our help, select one of the buttons below to learn more about what we offer.