Focus management, personal change, and transformation

In this short article, we share some insights about focus management and practical ways of managing your focus so that you can start experiencing more joy, happiness, inner peace, abundance, wellbeing and life success.

Energy flows where our attention goes

Where we focus our attention is where our energy goes.  This insight, which was first intuited and perceived by mystics and sages, has now been corroborated by scientific research and findings in the field of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience.

When we focus on our perceived problems and limitations, we disburse our energy thinking about them, emotionally reacting to them, trying to find a solution to them, and engaging in other non-optimal reactive processes that leave us feeling emotionally drained and often disempowered.

Energetically speaking, when we go into these low vibration reactive emotional states, we draw from the field of energy around us and it begins to shrink. This limits the amount of energy that would otherwise be available to us for more creative and expansive activities and states of being.

Problem solving, or sometimes even problem seeking, can become a focus and an addiction in and of itself, leading us to live in a state of contraction and experience a life filled with problems and the stresses that come with them.  Unfortunately, this separates us from experiencing the expanded state of being that naturally comes with faith, groundedness, and relaxation.

Focus Management

One way to start experiencing this state of expansion, where true joy, happiness, and awe are felt,  more consistently and with greater intensity is through intentional focus and continual management of this focus.

When we’re focused on problem solving, or unconsciously looking for problems to fix, our emotional state is always equal to that of the problem.  We can’t possibly find or feel the solution from that state because we’re essentially resonating with the problem rather than the solution.

Only by focusing on the solution, the healing, the state of wholesomeness that we seek, and emotionally becoming one with it, do we start resonating with it completely.  From this new space, we’re no longer ‘in the problem’, separate from that which we want to feel and experience, and we are one with the solution.

The Three Foot Rule

In a prior article on how to relax when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, we discussed the three foot rule, and how using this rule could help you remain grounded and focused in the present moment rather than stuck in a loop reacting to unwanted potentials extrapolated from past experiences and projected onto the future.

When training in preparation for special ops and dangerous missions, Navy Seals are taught this three foot rule.  Applying it enables them to focus only three feet around them and to maintain this focus so that they don’t get distracted or triggered into a state of fear, which could essentially cost them their lives.  

In our personal experience, this is truly one of the most beneficial approaches to living a harmonious, balanced, joyful, peaceful, and truly enriching life.

Everything is in the present moment

You don’t need to focus on the past, or to keep revisiting it through a process of repetitive thoughts in order to resolve situations that brought you discomfort or pain.  Focusing on the past can only lead to regret, self-judgment, self-doubt, shame, guilt, and a myriad of other non-optimal emotional dynamics that reduce the quality of your life experience.

The same is true about focusing on the future, which often leaves us feeling uncertain, afraid, and unsure, and projecting the same past scenarios that emotionally branded us onto the future instead of truly being in the present moment where we can create from scratch.

Both the past and future are already in the present moment, which means that we have the greatest power of influence and creativity over our life  in the present.

Until we step more fully into consciousness, the present moment continues to be experienced as a result of the past. Observing the present moment as we experience it allows us to uncover habits and patterns that have lead us to the now so that we can change what isn’t helping us have a wondrous experience of life.

The present moment, if left unchanged, will also dictate what comes next as we continue to repeat and replay habits and patterns from the past.

How to transcend the closed loop of past-present-future

In order to become truly present and create from the now, we must first focus on the now and remove the layers of memories, interpretations, and misunderstandings that have accumulated throughout our life and prior lifetimes before that.

By shifting our focus on the future that we desire and reprogramming our subconscious mind to feel this future as if it’s happening right now, we start getting in touch with the emotions that we want from the future and we bring them into the present moment.

What we’re actually doing by changing our emotional state at the subconscious level of our being is bridging the gap between the now that’s a result of the past and the future that we envision.

Simply put, we become the future and from this state of emotional and energetic oneness with the future, we no longer are in a state of lack or longing for it.  We are no longer separate from its emotions. We’ve truly become one with it.

This rehearsed process of actualizing our future into the now allows us to continuously optimize our thoughts and emotions, and our general state of being.  And this continues to inform our decisions and choices so that our actions and life results become a true reflection of our deepest intentions.

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