Forgiveness sets you free

Forgiving yourself and others means more time, energy, and forward momentum towards love, happiness, and inner peace.

Forgiving yourself and others is one the most meaningful things you can do. It has the power to change your experience and quality of life.

What if you could be free of past painful memories and feel light and open, experiencing yourself, others, and your relationships with joy and equanimity in the present moment?

How much different might you feel? How much more present and fulfilled might you become? And how much easier might it be for you to achieve your intentions and goals while enjoying every step on the way there?

When we release thoughts, feelings, emotions, interpretations, and memories from the past that keep us stuck in pain or unwanted stress, anxiety, anger, or even sadness, we open ourselves to new experiences.

Everyone, no matter the challenges they’ve gone through or are still going through, longs to experience joy, greater health, inner peace, happiness, harmonious relationships, connection, fulfillment, aliveness, abundance, success, empowerment, and to feel intrinsically good about themselves all the time.

It’s very difficult to feel this way – deeply and consistently – when we carry the burden of perceived failures, mistakes, disappointments, unresolved grief, regrets, suppressed feelings and emotions, unmet expectations and self-judgment, shame, guilt, and the other stories we tell ourselves about who we are based on what we’ve experienced in the past.

How would you like to let it all go and feel good right now?

Try this meditation: Forgiveness Meditation

Or consider joining us this Saturday at 10.45 am for a special Mindfulness and Meditation segment where we will focus on forgiveness of self and others through various meditation techniques aimed at achieving forgiveness, letting go, and emotional release.

RSVP here: Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation

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