Fragmentation – Parts

Short Self Assessment on parts and fragmentation

  1. How many different moods do you go through within a single day?
  2. List 3 main moods that tend to repeat throughout a single day.
  3. List 3 main moods that have repeated over the course of weeks or months.
  4. List 3 main moods that have been prevalent throughout your entire life?
  5. Pick 3 main moods that you want to address right now and list the main thoughts, feelings, and emotions that accompany each mood?
  6. Do these moods relate to things that have happened in the past?
  7. Are these moods supportive of your current relationships and life goals?
  8. And if they are not, what do you attribute having them to?
  9. How have you tried to address these moods and how you tend to shift between these moods?  What results have you gotten so far?
  10. Overall, what do you attribute these moods to?

We’ll address these moods and the parts that ‘create’ them throughout this course so that you no longer have to be a ‘victim’ to these parts that bring about these moods if they are not serving you and helping you in achieving your relationship and life goals.