Get Unstuck: Let the light of consciousness clear the path for you

Sometimes, we get stuck, or at least, we feel that we are.

In those moments, no matter what we do, how much we want to change and consciously take steps towards making that change, we tend to fall back into the same patterns over and over again.

This can lead to feelings of disempowerment, self-judgment, self-blame, low self-worth, self-punishment, and other non-optimal intra and interpersonal dynamics.

When this happens, we can feel like we might never be able to achieve our goals, transcend unwanted patterns, quiet our mind, experience success, and live the life we deeply want.

You can change that.

When you want to change, consciously declare that you do, and take proactive steps towards progress, and nothing seems to work, it means that the block, obstacle, or resistance you’ve just encountered lies in the subconscious mind.

Now matter how much we consciously want something, if the majority of our subconscious mind is not in alignment with what we want, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to move past the block and get the results and change that we consciously want.

The only way then to achieve our conscious intentions and goals with the least effort and pain is to come into alignment at all levels of our system with what we truly want.  

Bringing the conscious and subconscious mind into a congruent state of alignment helps us work through blockages and resistance with more ease and releases unlimited creative energy that can be applied to manifesting our intentions and goals.

When you’re not busy fighting your own self, it becomes much easier to apply all the energy and resources, that become available to you, to creating the life you truly want.

One way of exploring the content of your subconscious mind and resolving existing discrepancies between your subconscious and conscious mind is through hypnosis and regression.

When you shine the light of consciousness on areas of obscurations that have created resistance and drag in the past, you can then dissolve them and resolve the prior unknown inner conflict between conscious and subconscious intentions that were taking up your resources and bandwidth.

This coming Saturday, September 22nd, from 2-4.30pm, we’ll be leading a group through an hypnosis and past life regression experience with the intention of facilitating all participants in uncovering and releasing blocks and obstacles to their most desired dreams so that they might feel better and more easily achieve what’s most important and pressing to them.

You can register by using this link:

If you can’t attend this coming Saturday or the date has passed, join us at any one of our monthly past life regression workshop by visiting:

For any questions, text or call 786-308-9552, respond directly to this email, or email us at

To find out more about hypnosis and past life regression and how it can practically help you in your life right now, join us at one of our monthly workshops, or schedule a private session, by using this link:

Looking forward to seeing you this coming Saturday!

Alessandrina & Dexter

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