Guided Meditation for Healing Your Inner Child and Creating Healthy Boundaries

All of the difficulties and challenges that we experience in life are a result of unresolved emotions and misunderstandings within our inner child. 

When life situations, relationships, and external circumstances trigger those unresolved emotions, we often react in fear, anxiety, worry, or even anger. This is normal.

Most people have not been taught by their parents (who were not taught by theirs) how to heal and comfort their inner child in a way that would allow them to feel safe, supported, and comfortable all of the time.

In order to help you with this process of resolving accumulated painful memories and healing your inner child, we’ve created a short guided meditation that you can use any time you feel triggered into a negative mental or emotional state. 

In this guided meditation, ‘healing the inner child’, we share with you a simple and effective process designed to help you resolve the buried emotions that keep bringing up pain and discomfort in yourself and life, and learn to create a space of emotional stability, security, and wellbeing within yourself, for yourself. 

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Our Gift to You: A Guided Meditation for Healing Your Inner

With love,

Alessandrina & Dexter
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