Guiding Principles Of Our Work

Spiritual counseling varies from provider to provider. Some teach according to a specific religion or healing modality. Others integrate a more holistic view of spirituality and the divine, integrating information from many different cultures and healing modalities, and also include energy healing and psychic work. The spiritual coach you choose, their personal level of spiritual development, their love, integrity, knowledge base, and skill as a facilitator all will significantly influence your quality of experience.

The help we provide is non-denominational (meaning it’s not based on a particular religion) and it’s rather unique compared to most counseling or life coaching experiences out there. Clients  frequently tell us that one session with us is more effective than all of their prior therapy or counseling sessions (although our work is only spiritual in nature, and not meant to replace any type of medical or therapeutic help). You could describe our sessions as a mix of spiritual guidance, teaching, healing, life coaching, meditation, energy work, and empowerment. That said, these are just words and words are not experiences. Like anything, the only way to truly get a feel for it is to try it. That’s why we price our services by the minute ($2.50/minute – not including packages which offer discounts). You can get a taste of it without spending any more than you want to. After a few minutes, most people can decide if our services are for them, and, of course, they can stop at anytime. We don’t require you to buy a certain amount of sessions. You’re in charge of how often and how long we speak for, as well as what we talk about and how we help you.

How we strive to facilitate from a neutral, client-centric approach

We intentionally integrate this non-controlling, responsive, client-centric approach into everything we do – especially the facilitation we provide during private spiritual phone counseling sessions. We call it facilitation because it’s really not about us, our beliefs, or our preconceptions. In fact, we strive to release and operate beyond any such aspects of ourselves so we can be fully present with you, so that we can cleanly (in a neutral, non-biased way) and accurately understand any communications we receive from you, your guides, and spirit, and so that we can offer you what you’re looking for, how you want it, and when you want it.

For anyone to do this, they must operate beyond their personal belief system, judgments, attachments, aversions, what they believe is right and wrong, pride, ego, subconscious strategies, and fear. These ego dynamics create limitation and bias on the quality of facilitation. Like a bent gear trying to spin inside of an engine, a facilitator operating from subconscious ego dynamics and bias will create distortions and imbalance in the process of helping someone. You may have experienced this when receiving advice from a well-meaning family member or friend who was clearly biased by what they strongly felt was right and wrong or good and bad  in your situation (or maybe they immediately took your side and weren’t able to be neutral). You may have also seen this when a counselor “takes sides” on an issue or with a person, tries to tell a client what they “should do” or “have to do”, or gets non-optimally emotionally involved or attached to an outcome in the process of facilitation. When this occurs, the consciousness of the facilitator is diminished, and they are less likely to operate as the unconditionally loving, non-biased sounding board focused completely on your healing and attainment of goals.

Why a neutral, client centric approach is essential

It can be rare for someone to open up vulnerably to receive guidance on their life’s most important issues like their state of mind, deep thoughts and emotions, habits, relationships, marriage, and imbalances. That’s why it’s so valuable that when they do finally reach out for help, that they are met by a facilitator who has practiced the self awareness, intention, and discipline of being the truest mirror and most wise and unbiased sounding board they can be for their clients as well as devoted to operating from unconditional love and alignment with spirit.

Values we optionally facilitate by

In addition to helping clients with whatever they want help with, our work is also guided by helping each client attain and experience greater inner-peace, joy, consciousness, wisdom, self-sovereignty, relationships, and unconditional-love – if that’s what they want, of course. We perceive that these values and experiences are of great benefit to everyone who wants them – especially at this time in the spiritual development of our species and world.

Tailoring sessions to each unique client

We also strive to serve each individual client in a unique way. Meaning, we don’t speak to any 2 people in the same way. Over time, we’ve gained the capacity to assess where our clients are at in their process, and cater specifically to who they are and where they are in every way we help. We do this over the phone by intuitively picking up on their energy. We perceive that this 1-1 approach that’s specific to each person (rather than a one size fits all approach) is necessary for deep healing and empowerment to occur.

Letting the client steer the session

Possibly the most important aspect of our facilitation process is our respect for our client and their free will. We do not steer our calls or sessions with clients. The client is in the drivers seat with both hands on the steering wheel. We sit in the passengers seat, and aim to help with what they want, when they want, and how they want. We are glad to make suggestions and recommendations, that said, we perceive that it is the client’s own process of free will choice that will lead to their greatest healing, insight, awareness, awakening, enlightenment, empowerment, and self sovereignty. There is nothing more important than that to us.

Offering missing keys and puzzle pieces

That does not mean that sessions with us are like therapy sessions where the client is simply guided to express their emotions and the client does all the talking. While we definitely gently facilitate our clients to express their emotions, thoughts, and perspectives, we also understand that there are more pieces of the puzzle that can be of great help to them. In conversations, we typically weave in and out with clients, offering them the missing keys and puzzle pieces that can allow them to attain new levels of awareness, understanding, and consciousness over patterns and dynamics present in their lives. This consciousness allows them to then master the pattern, issue, or limitation they’re experiencing and transcend it permanently. The clarity gained from this experience is wisdom producing and liberating and allows clients to achieve transformational shifts in their relationships and life – including those “Aha!” moments – where things click.

How we have and continue to work to become the purest facilitators can be

For years, our work days have involved highly focused, disciplined spiritual practice for 3 to 6 hours a day in addition to our actual “work”. Through this discipline, our karma, and the help of sage masters that we’ve been blessed to encounter and learn deeply from, we have attained healing, consciousness, and models of learning, understanding, and operating that are capable of empowering individuals to make great progress transcending any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship, family, or career problem, issue, limitation, or blockage while accelerating towards their goals. To read about our credentials, you can visit the about us page on our website.

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