Healing the Inner Child with Hypnosis or the Family Constellations Model

In the first seven years of our lives, we’re basically in an hypnotic state, downloading programs from the people around us and our environment.

Those first few years, during which we’re mostly operating unconsciously, build the foundation for our lives and how we see and experience ourselves, others, and the world.

Whatever misapprehensions, misconceptions, and misinterpretations are made and recorded at this extremely sensitive time in our development define the reality we experience as adults until a time when we consciously choose a different path.

You may have had the personal experience of realizing that you had, in some way, ‘become your parent’, and that a habit that you used to dislike in them has now become one of your own.

This cycle of repeating inherited habits, patterns, and limiting beliefs can ultimately be transcended, and any experience, perspective, or interpretation that is not currently serving you in achieving what’s most meaningful to you in your life can be cleared, healed, and permanently released from your energy field, and therefore, your realm of experience.

If the process of having downloaded subconscious programs that contain limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, or expectations at an early age (from parents and society) is keeping you from living the life you want right now, then resolving the original programming lies within the inner child.

The inner child, as we refer to it here, is made up of all of the parts of ourselves that have had experiences before we gained a greater capacity to understand and integrate when, where, how, and why things unfolded the way they did and made recordings about them and what they meant about us, who we supposedly are, and our value in the world. For most of us, this happened from inception until about age seven.

This inner child, and all of its fragmented parts and recordings of experiences, still exist within each and every one of us. And, until we choose to heal the hurt and pain that the inner child felt (and is still re-referencing and projecting onto reality) with the limited life experience and understanding that was available to him/ her, we continue to see ourselves, others, and the world, through the lens of the same pain and hurt that he/ she experienced at a very vulnerable and foundational time.

The inner child is the one that gets angry when someone we love seems not to be giving us the love. attention, and appreciation that we crave. The inner child is the one who gets frustrated when his/ her goals are not met the way they supposedly should and feels victimized by his/ her own projections of having failed. The inner child is the one who feels shame and guilt when someone they love feels hurt by something they did and fears being rejected or abandoned for doing it. The inner child is the one who wishes their parents were different than they are, or were more loving, accepting, and appreciative of him/ her. The inner child is the one who sometimes feels powerless and vulnerable to effect change in themselves and their lives and feels despair and stuck as a result.

This inner child, and all of its inaccurate and incomplete recordings of self, others, and the world can be healed. And when they are, it makes room for more consciousness, self-love, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, and therefore for growth and personal empowerment to take place.

One simple and very effective way of healing the inner child is by going back in time, through hypnosis or age regression, before the time when the subconscious programs that are currently operating and creating the unhappiness, low self image, feelings of being undeserving, or disempowerment were first created. In this way, the ‘faulty’ thinking and beliefs that were formed from the original recording of experiences can be corrected and all of the resulting emotions and life experiences that unfolded as a result can also be more constructively experienced and understood.

In addition, new and more empowering perspectives can come to replace the negative bias and subconscious programming causing the imbalance and disharmony in one’s life. When this is done under hypnosis or another similar process that allows immediate access to the subconscious mind, a new experience of life is created and the lens through which we look at ourselves, others, and the world also changes for the better.

If you’re interested in removing the programs that are subconsciously running your life and preventing you from achieving what’s most important and meaningful to you, we’d love to help.

You can choose one of two core approaches to heal the inner child, the hypnosis path or the family constellations path. Either are good and effective at fundamentally shifting the inherited perspectives and painful memories that keep the inner child stuck reliving the past and projecting the past and the emotional pain attached to it onto the present moment, over and over again.

If you’ve never heard of the Family Constellations Therapy model and would like to understand more about it and its relevance and the practical benefits for you in your life right now, then consider joining us on Saturday, December 8th, for our monthly Family Constellations workshop. You can use this link to register: https://goo.gl/Adjouj
(RSVP is required as space is limited.)

If you prefer to work one on one with us, in either, both, or a combination of both of these modalities, then ask us about it in a future session or schedule a phone or in-person session with us by calling or texting 786-308-9552 or by simply responding to this email.

We look forward to helping you move in the direction of your dreams and remove any obstacles, known or unknown, on your path to greater happiness, vibrant health, and unlimited abundance.

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