How do I access the class recording I purchased?

Thank you for your purchase. We truly hope you benefit from this experience and that it helps you in the most meaningful ways in your life. Please reach out if there is any way we can help you more.

If you purchased a class, you can access it by logging in on the My Classes page. Sign in using the password that was emailed to you when you placed your order.

Once you sign in, this page will list all classes that you've purchased. Clicking on a class link will take you to that class page. The bottom of every class page contains links to the lesson pages that make up that class. After finishing each lesson page, please mark it as complete. This will not affect your access to the lesson or course. In fact, it will allow you to access advanced content only available to those who have met the necessary prerequisites.

If you're still having issues, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you and help.

Wishing you all the love and happiness,

What if I can't see the lesson content even though I received an email saying it has been published and I can see the class in my list of classes on the "My Classes" page?

If this is the case then you probably need to clear your browser's cache and cookies because your browser is not fetching the updated webpage content. If you google, "how to clear cache and cookies on [your browser] on [your device]" then you will easily find instructions.  For example, your google search query might be "how to clear cache and cookies on safari on iphone?" or "how to clear cache and cookies on chrome on mac".