How to open your heart, heal past pain, develop inner wisdom and receive spiritual guidance

We spend a lot of time in our mind, worrying and stressing, replaying the past over and over again, imagining negative scenarios into the future, striving to control things and situations outside of our control, and reacting to our own fear projections as if it was necessary and our projections were real and true.

It’s possible, with time, introspection, understanding, and intentionality to completely transcend those limiting and unpleasant tendencies, and, instead of relying on the mind to make our decisions, to open our hearts and know that everything is going to be ok no matter what, and that we’re always being guided, loved, and supported every step of the way.

Opening our hearts is a delicate and intricate process that involves developing self-love, deep inner knowing, and self-trust. It happens as a result of our intention, understanding the value of opening our hearts, and exploring and validating for ourselves the benefits of this truly transformational experience.

The mind wants us to believe that we need to be in control at all times, and that we can, when truly we don’t and can’t.

When we trust our hearts and learn to ‘know’ without a doubt that we are safe, loved, and supported at all times (no matter what seems to be going on around us), it becomes easier for us to keep our hearts open, follow our inner guidance, and receive messages, insights, and information that make our lives easier, more peaceful, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Consciously choosing to live your life with an open heart, moment by moment, is the greatest gift of all. To be able to know this choice to be good for you, from experience rather than being told or operating from belief, is a result of personal self-exploration, openness, and constant experimentation in life.

Your heart is a very sacred place that can take you very deep; so deep that you when you reside in your heart, you can perceive and feel your soul. Upon entering the space of your heart, you will always feel loved, safe, heard, seen, accepted, acceptable, and understood.

Through your heart, and by choosing to consciously heal your heart, all dimensions of pain and hurt from the past that continue to influence you in the present moment, and that could interfere with the happiness you wish to experience now and in the future, can be cleared, healed, and resolved permanently.

Opening your heart is a gift you give yourself, first and foremost for yourself, and that everyone gets to enjoy. It’s the gift of sensitivity, gentleness, patience, loving kindness, warmth, compassion, tolerance, unconditional love, inner peace, openness, trust, vision, intuition, balance, harmony, forgiveness, and more.

It doesn’t matter if others have the capacity to see, hear, receive, or ‘get’ you when you open your heart. What matters is that you ‘get’ you and that doing so gives you permission to be yourself and live your life on your own terms (while respecting others and their freewill choices too.)

This you that you get to define and refine over the course of this life, and multiple lifetimes (if you believe in them) is always loved, loving, and filled with unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness for you and others, no matter what the ego says or gets itself into.

The space of your heart is warm, gentle, and inviting, and any time you step into it, you remember your true home, which is made of love. And this true home is always open to you, awaiting you.

During our last hypnosis and past life regression workshop, we created a short meditation to help participants relax, get into the space of their hearts, remove any blockages in the way of their intended experience, and ask and receive inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

We thought you might enjoy it too so we uploaded this portion of the workshop to YouTube. Here’s the link to listen to this short guided meditation:

We’d love to hear what you enjoy about this meditation and how it helps you feel more loved, supported, connected, and guided.

With love from Miami,

Alessandrina and Dexter

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