How to optimally manage and reduce stress and anxiety

We live in a fast-paced and intricate world, which requires us more and more to balance many demands from many different sources and can lead to us feeling stretched too thin, overwhelmed, or even consistently stressed and anxious.

There are more and more unknowns and complex relationship dynamics that can, when projected onto an uncertain future and left unresolved, add to our underlying stress and anxiety, the root cause of which we may not always be able to trace back immediately and comprehensively.

In addition, with the advance in technology, which can in some ways help us become more focused, effective, and organized, the amount and speed of information we receive and process from moment to moment seems to be growing and accelerating, noticeably adding to our daily stress and anxiety.

Being in a seemingly constant state of stress or anxiety doesn’t mean that you’re in some way unable, not capable, or failing, nor does it mean that you will remain in this state forever without a way out of it.

Subconsciously, this belief can easily become triggered without us even realizing that it has. This simple realization can help you release some of the stress and anxiety that tend to be created by self-expectations we often subconsciously hold ourselves to and react to with stress and anxiety if we feel that we might not meet them.

Personally, I haven’t met many people who have not been conditioned to react to projections of unknowns and unmet self-expectations without stress and anxiety.

Feeling stressed and anxious is not a problem. It’s a symptom of how you, like most everybody else, have learned to react to your thoughts, relationships, life circumstances, and projections with stress and anxiety. All of that can be resolved if and when we focus on it intentionally.

ll, up until now, there has been a lack of information and education to help people with this subconscious process and understanding where, when, how, and why it comes into play and leads to stress and anxiety. As a species, we’re just now starting to realize how important it really is to manage and reduce stress and anxiety in our lives without the pressure of self-judgment, criticism, or punishment.

We’re constantly learning through the feedback that we receive internally, as well as from people we’re in relationships with, and our environment. In this way, the imbalances created by excesses and less conscious approaches to coping with stress and anxiety are helping us tremendously in addressing and resolving stress and anxiety in a wiser, more discerning, and more and more loving and conscious way.

When we react to our own stress and anxiety with judgment or fear and start feeling disappointed or worried that we’ve gone into stress, and how that might affect us at different levels of our being, we reinforce our feelings of discomfort, stress, and anxiety. None of this is helpful or necessary.

It’s now possible to apply a comprehensive model to optimally manage and reduce stress and anxiety, which does not involve worrying about the implications of stress or anxiety on your health, relationships, and life, and releasing any self-expectations and judgment of the stress or anxiety you’ve experienced in the past, or continue to experience in the present moment. This model allows you, over time, to constructively focus on how to resolve stress and anxiety at the root with the objective of doing so progressively, enjoyably, and permanently.

If you should become concerned about time and how long it takes you to get to where you’re wanting to be right now, remember that it takes what it takes. The time, energy, self-exploration, self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and refinement you dedicate to this process is time you spend growing, healing, feeling better, and developing spiritually. Ultimately, this positive investment in yourself will bear its fruit and, over time, you will feel less anxious and stressed, and life will get better and better, just as you intend it to be. If you focus on this perspective right now, you’ll notice that it already has and is.

This coming Saturday, our weekly workshops on (1) mindfulness and meditation, and (2) self-healing will focus on optimally managing and reducing stress and anxiety.

In the first workshop, we’ll teach practical techniques to understand, trace back to the source, and resolve, underlying stress and anxiety. You can register for this workshop here:

In the second workshop, we’ll focus on healing and clearing energetic patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviors that lead to stress and anxiety. You can register for this workshop here:

Every week, we choose different topics for our workshops to help the most people with what we have found to be some of the most challenging situations and life circumstances they struggle with, and we share practical ways of comprehensively and permanently resolving those challenges at the root.

We hope that you join us this coming Saturday, or at any other time that works for you.

With love,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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