How to quiet your mind and become more present, aware, and conscious

In this short article, you’ll find some easy steps that you can start implementing to start quieting your mind more and more, and become more present, aware, and conscious as a result.

Our thoughts come from the past

If you reflect upon your thoughts and your thinking process, you might notice that most of your thoughts tend to keep recycling over and over again.

In addition to the cyclic nature of our thoughts, it can be interesting and very informative to look at their content. When you do, you might see how the content of your thoughts is mostly a combination of past memories and projections onto the future. And since all projections onto the future are based upon past events, experiences, and interpretations of those experiences, it can be said that those are also based on the past.

And so if all thoughts come from the past, and are a reaction to the past, it could be said that, whether we’re thinking about the past or the future, we’re mostly living in the past until we transcend the innate tendency that thinking is.

Understanding this is key if you’re interested in gradually quieting your mind more and more, becoming a conscious and wise co-creator of your life, and accelerating towards your most meaningful intentions and goals.

When, instead, we react to the past and our interpretations of the past, unconsciously experience the present as a continuation of the past, or project the future through the lens of the past, we aren’t living fully in the present moment and directing all of our free will and will power in consciously co-creating the reality we want to experience rather than replaying the past.

Unless we break this cycle, we become limited by our own thoughts and our prior interpretations of the past, which are often incomplete and inaccurate.

Why it’s useful to break the cycle

When you quiet your mind, you become:

  • More present
  • More aware
  • More conscious
  • More grounded
  • More relaxed
  • More patient
  • More attuned
  • More connected
  • More aligned
  • More able to receive
  • More able to attract and manifest…

Why it’s difficult to break this cycle

The challenge with breaking the cycle of the past is that your mind has been busy creating beliefs, associations, assumptions, fears, expectations, and judgments that continue to feed the cycle of thought ever since the day you were born.

In addition to that, all of your past experiences, your interpretations of them, the associated emotions and feelings, and the painful memories recorded in our system keep pulling us back into the cycle again and again.

This emotional pull is so strong that it can feel very difficult to break free of this cycle, especially without the necessary tools and understandings to do so.

Steps to breaking the cycle

Below are six simple steps that you can start implementing in order to break this cycle and become more present, aware, and conscious. In this way, you become open to receiving the present moment as it is, rather a continued distortion of the past.

As our consciousness evolves, and we attain higher states of consciousness, the veil of the past and prior and incomplete interpretations we’ve made can be transcended and released, and we can see and experience the world with more clarity and consciousness.

  1. Observe your thoughts

When observing your thoughts, become interested in them and focus on uncovering when, where, how, and why they’re a reflection of the past.

  1. Proactively choose to release past pain and trauma, fears, or beliefs

You may already be aware of some of those, and you can become aware of more as you observe your thoughts with more focus.

There are many different approaches and methodologies that are designed to help you with this release process, like the Sedona method, various forgiveness techniques, fear release techniques, emotional release processes, mantra, and more.

When you release past pain and trauma, known or unknown to you right now, you stop the flow of thought at the root and you free yourself from recorded pain and memories that you’ve been inadvertently carrying with you throughout your life.

  1. Connect the dots

Become aware of the domino effects that your thoughts have on your emotional process.

The more you see how each and every one of your thoughts affects your internal emotional state, the more intentional and motivated you’ll become to consciously refocus your attention on your intentions and goals.

In this way, you’ll feel better and better and have more and more empowering thoughts every day.

  1. Set clear Intentions and Goals

The more clarity you have about your intentions and goals, and the greater your capacity to assess what will truly bring you happiness and fulfillment, the more fuel you’ll have to achieve them.

And the more connected you are to the emotions that you seek to experience through achieving your intentions and goals, the easier it becomes for you to internally focus on cultivating these emotions.

In this way, you accelerate your process of achieving your intentions and goals. This emotional piece is a key part of the law of attraction and manifestation and the process of receiving.

Positive affirmations, created and used in an optimal manner, are also very useful in the process of staying emotionally in tune and aligned with your intentions and goals. Using mantra and visualization is also very helpful.

  1. Cultivate one-pointed focus and intentionality

As you are able to achieve greater focus, you become more and more effective and able to achieve the intentions and goals that are most meaningful to you in life.

  1. Be in your body

Spend more time in your body and your emotions.

As you familiarize yourself with this process and feel more comfortable being in your body, you transcend the tendency to escape through your mind and to feel what you feel.

When you allow yourself to feel what you feel and you remain present, you realize that you are always safe, supported, and cared for all of the time no matter what seems to be happening on the outside.



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