How to relax and enjoy life

how to relax and enjoy life

Relaxation is one of the foundational elements in the process of resolving any problem and achieving any goal.  When we’re relaxed, everything is possible.  In this article, we’ll cover ways to help you relax and enjoy life more.

Even in an increasingly complex and busy world, we can learn to relax and enjoy life

Without relaxation, we don’t have the capacity to actually gain clarity over any situation that we’re in, to calmly assess what’s happening and why, and to take constructive action, where it is needed.  Relaxing is the foundation of living a meaningful, constructive, wise, and fulfilling life.  Life has become increasingly busy, and the world increasingly complex, with countless demands and options pulling us in so many directions. Unfortunately, this overload of information and options can lead to stress, anxiety, overwhelm, disempowerment, fatigue, etc.  Are you wanting to change this, and start learning how to relax and enjoy life more?

Learning how to relax and enjoy life is a simple process that simply requires intention

The process of relaxation is simple.  Everyone can learn it and get tangible results in their relationships and life from learning how to relax and enjoy life more over time.  To start slowly building up your level of relaxation and enjoying life more, you can remind yourself throughout the day to remain relaxed.  Planting this seed in your mind will be very useful in moments of stress and anxiety.  To plant the seed, all you have to do is begin to notice when you’re not relaxed and then, consciously choose to relax each time you notice that you’re not. Gradually, this energy and intention put towards being relaxed, alone, will go a long way in bringing about more relaxation in your life, and will continue to build upon itself as you keep reinforcing the relaxation response in your life.  Through this intention of being relaxed, you will become aware of times and situations when you’ve stopped being relaxed and, over time, with conscious wisdom, discernment, intention, and conscious discipline, you will begin to realign yourself with your intention of becoming more and more relaxed as you grow your capacity to stay relaxed in the midst of even the most challenging situations.

A simple way to learn how to relax and enjoy life

In order to cultivate a feeling of relaxation, first start by relaxing your breath, noticing ways in which you might be holding your breath in, and any tension or irregularity in your breath pattern.  Then, start relaxing your facial muscles (especially your jaw and brow which tend to hold the most tension).  Next, let your shoulders relax down away from your ears, feel the area of your heart open and relaxed, relax your abdomen, release any tension in the region of your pelvic floor, and make sure that your hands and feet are super relaxed too (you might notice tension in your fingers and toes when you’re clinging, anxious, or stressed.)

The more you focus on your intention to relax, the faster you’ll learn how to relax and enjoy life more

Stay focused on your intention to relax.  That can become the first thing you remind yourself of when you first wake up and when you go to bed.  New habits take some time to settle in, so be sure to perform occasional checks throughout the day to see how relaxed you are and how much you are enjoying your life.  Are you holding tension in any area of your body?   Are you fully engaged in what you’re doing, or lost in your mind worrying?  If you are, simply intend to relax more and allow for any negative thought, emotion, feeling, and resistance to come up without clinging to them.  Notice what’s happening – both within and in your environment – and intend to remain relaxed throughout.  Throughout the day, keep asking yourself, ‘How relaxed am I? How much more relaxed can I become?’, and make a mental note of where you are on a scale of 1-10 in your process of relaxation.  If you’re not as relaxed as you’d prefer to be, then intend to relax more.  There is no end to the depth of relaxation that you can enjoy.  You can always relax more.  Allow yourself to relax more and feel safe and secure RIGHT NOW. That’s the key, i.e. feeling SAFE, NOW.  Not tomorrow, not when you have enough money in the bank, not when you have the dream job, not when you have the best relationship, etc.  Allow yourself to feel SAFE, NOW.  This will allow you to naturally relax more.

The challenges of learning how to relax and enjoy life more

If it’s difficult for you to learn how to relax and enjoy life, notice how relaxing is a challenge for you right now and see it for what it is, i.e. an opportunity for you to learn how to relax and enjoy life even more.  Don’t look at it as a problem.  Just notice that it’s hard for you to relax, and relax into your tension, so that you don’t create further tension and resistance in your process of becoming more relaxed.  If challenging situations, arguments, conflicts, negative thoughts, emotions, triggers, and feelings arise and pull you out of your relaxed state, use the ‘relaxation’ response to get back to a relaxed state, and to start anchoring in the relaxation response.  Choose to continuously release any stress and tension that come up and to remain relaxed.  Start de-conditioning yourself from the ‘fight or flight’ response and replacing it with the relaxation response every time you remember to do so.  Over time, you will start to permanently change the way that you react to seemingly negative situations in your life.

Two simple ways of feeling more relaxed and enjoying life

If you find it difficult to relax while in the midst of challenges, one of the most powerful ways for you to shift back into relaxation is to start focusing on what you want, and ONLY what you want, while allowing for all the thoughts of what you don’t want to flow out of you effortlessly.  We’re conditioned to cling to them instead of letting them go.  Learn to let go of the thoughts that pull you out of a relaxed state.  We will discuss this further in a future article, when we talk about how to rapidly pivot out of negativity and ‘fight or flight’ mode.  As you focus on what you want, the resistance that you felt – as a result of focusing on what you don’t want and reacting to it with fear – will continue to release, until eventually you find yourself becoming exponentially more relaxed.  Another process of inviting and increasing your levels of relaxation is to continuously choose to relax, smile, and surrender, as if you were gently falling back onto a fluffy and light pillow and a soft bed cover, that gently support your body and hold you with love, gentleness, and nurturing.

How relaxation and enjoying your life more can help you resolve longstanding issues and painful memories

Getting out of pain, relationship problems, stress and anxiety, blockages in your life, and achieving your goals starts with relaxation and changing your old habits and patterns of dealing with challenging situations, negativity, and pain!  Try this simple process that teaches you how to relax and enjoy life more, and see how your entire perception of life and all your relationships start shifting for the better.  This article is part of the self awareness process that we teach our clients in our holistic counseling sessions over the phone, courses, and events in order to help them resolve negative thoughts, feelings, triggers, emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs, and support them in attaining deeper understandings about their challenges and thus resolve them.  If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, then click here: services