How to shift limiting beliefs and get better life results

Generally speaking, most people want to live a healthy, long, happy, and fulfilling life. We may not always have all of the necessary quality information available to us to consistently make the most conscious, wise and discerning choices in order to achieve this goal, and yet, deep down, we all have this desire.

With limited access to consistently good quality information to make the most optimal choices and a general lack of control over all the external factors – known or unknown – that can affect us, our health, our relationships, the economy, the environment, the world, and our lives as a whole, we may sometimes feel confused or disempowered in our attempt to achieve a consistently good quality of life.

While we may not always have control over external situations, circumstances, and people, we actually have a lot of more power and influence than we perceive over our thoughts and emotions, and the choices they lead to in relation to our health, wellbeing, relationships, career, capacity to create abundance in our lives, etc.

If our thoughts and emotions are primarily the result of our perspectives, which are created by our beliefs, there’s actually a lot we can do to enhance and refine the quality of our life experience.

One of the ways in which we can become empowered to live healthier, longer, and more harmonious lives is by shifting our beliefs, which in turn will start changing our perspectives on life, and therefore our thoughts, emotions, and decisions.

You could say that everything we experience is perspective, and a mere reflection of our beliefs and the belief system we have been conditioned into.

If our beliefs are merely a result of conditioning, could it be that the ‘reality’ we each experience individually and collectively interact with is actually only the result of our conditioning?

If you asked each of the 7.5 billion people on earth the same question, you would not be able to get the same exact shared understanding or perspective on that question.

Since our perspectives continuously affect our thoughts, emotions, and the decisions we make from them, they ultimately create our life results and continuously shape our reality moment by moment.

This means that a shift in perspective creates a shift in reality.

Essentially, when we shift our beliefs, which create our perspectives, we really do shift our experiential reality at all levels of our being, i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The difficulty with shifting our beliefs is that there are multiple, obvious and more subtle, reasons why we create the beliefs that we create in the first place. And, often times, as limiting and disempowering as they may be, it might feel safer to operate within a set of limiting rules, roles, and perspectives, than having none and only relying on our capacity to make conscious, wise, and discerning choices from moment to moment.

One of the other main challenges with shifting beliefs is that they are often subconscious, meaning that, for the most part, we are not really aware of them, and we experience them as ‘reality’.

Nonetheless, these challenges are worth transcending as continuing to live our lives within limiting beliefs creates huge glass ceilings, distortions of reality, pain, frustration, stress, anxiety, and many more detrimental dynamics that can be avoided.

It’s possible and most desirable to create a more empowering, conscious, wise and discerning reality, one that helps you feel good more consistently and supports you in achieving your most wanted intentions and goals.

Releasing limiting beliefs is a stepping-stone to operating from an ever expanding state of consciousness.

Most people wake up in the morning, and the first thing they do is worry. The mind kicks in with its laundry list and they start thinking about all the things they have to do that day, all the things they don’t have that they want or should already have, all the things they don’t want that are happening in their lives, etc.

None of that helps. None of it feels good, nurturing, or inspiring. None of it helps us get in touch with our natural creative energy and the source of our inner happiness.

One of the ways we have found to be most helpful in shifting our negative patterns of thought is to focus on those thoughts, without suppressing them, and identify where they come from with the ultimate intention of clearing our subconscious mind from the collection of unwanted memories we’ve recorded.

That said, such a process is a life long endeavor, and it might take some time before you start feeling the tangible benefits of clearing your subconscious mind.

Another approach we have found to be useful, in addition to clearing your subconscious mind from its unwanted content, is to start the day with an empowering process of visualization and simple clearing every morning.

Just 2 minutes of visualizing the life you want to live and the outcomes you want to achieve and to get in touch with the feelings and emotions that creates in your body and mind while simultaneously clearing the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come up during this practice can change your outlook on life that day.

And if you keep at it, day after day, this short 2-5 minute investment of time can lead to greater clarity, vitality, optimism, openness, connection, health, overall wellbeing, inner peace, and therefore better choices, life results, and quality of experience.

Try it out, and if you want a little inspiration with this practice and how to implement it in your life to fit your goals and personal circumstances, check out this video and create your own daily short visualization practice:

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