Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

We have a very special event hosted once a month in lieu of our regular weekly mindfulness and meditation workshop.
We will be conducting monthly past life regression sessions as taught by Dr. Brian Weiss.
Past Life Regression Therapy through Hypnosis is a wonderful and highly effective way of healing past trauma, painful memories, and unresolved feelings and emotions that continue to affect you at both conscious and subconscious levels of your system.  Releasing the past can help you heal, learn and grow.
Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, or even depression, find it difficult to let go and forgive, resist moving on or healthy change, experience physical discomfort or illness, have blocks to success or/ and abundance, struggle with negative thinking, feel grief or regret, etc., past life regression therapy is an easy, highly effective, and truly enjoyable way of resolving those issues and other undesirable situations and experiences that might be undermining the quality of your life experience and results.  
Dexter and Alessandrina, who will be facilitating this workshop, have been trained and certified in Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy by the world-renowned psychiatrist and best selling author, Dr. Brian Weiss.
For more information on this event and other related events offered by Dexter and Alessandrina, visit: https://www.dexterandalessandrina.com/events


Space and parking are limited. Only 12 more seats are available at this time.

If you prefer an in-person or private session over the phone or Skype, schedule a session by visiting: https://www.dexterandalessandrina.com/contact-us/ or simply respond to this email.

For more information and to register for our schedule of  upcoming Hypnosis and Past Life Regression workshops, which includes 2 past life regression sessions and facilitation into understanding and integrating those experiences into your current life now, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dr-brian-weiss-certified-hypnosis-and-past-life-regression-workshop-tickets-47215625206


If you have any questions or special requests for any of those events, feel free to text or call 786-308-9552 or email us at alessandrina@dexterandalessandrina.com.


We look forward to guiding you through a unique, transfohighly rejuvenatingyrejuvenating session of hypnosis and past life regression therapy.
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