Improving communication and energy dynamics

Follow these simple steps to start creating greater and more harmonious communication channels with the world.
We’re constantly in communication with other people, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

You may have experienced in the past the serendipity of receiving a phone call from a friend or relative a moment after they popped into your mind.  Or you may have had an intuition that something was going on with someone you love and later validated that what you felt was happening was truly happening.
Of course, this is not a coincidence.
When you think about someone and experience a series of emotions towards them, you’re actually energetically in communication with them.
Becoming consciously aware that this is occurring is a wonderful gift, that can be cultivated and enhanced over time and that can become a stepping stone to developing your intuition, and other psychic abilities that allow you to function at higher levels of consciousness more of the time.
It’s possible to optimize our communication channels with others and the world in order to better manage our energy and self-sovereignty, develop more conscious and harmonious relationships with others, and to resolve past karma and transcend the tendency to create new karma through our daily interactions with others in the world.
One way to achieve this is to become aware of the ongoing, non-verbal, energetic communication between yourself and others and instead of reacting to what you think or feel towards them and in regards to the energy they’re sending you (or that you project them to be sending you), to consciously choose to change the energetic communication between them and you to reflect your deepest intentions in your relationships and life.
So for instance, if you have unresolved emotions and painful memories that bring up anger, resentment, sadness, or disappointment in regards to someone and your relationship with them, then you would tend to carry these emotions with you, all day, everyday.  Sometimes, they would get triggered, leading to conflict, miscommunication, and disconnection. Sometimes, they wouldn’t. Either way, these unresolved emotions and painful memories would get recorded and stored in your system, creating limitations in your consciousness and your capacity to create deeper happiness in your life from moment to moment.  You can change this!
If your intention is to have greater, more harmonious, balanced, and loving relationships, then you would probably want to change the energetic communication channels between yourself and the people you’re in relationship with.
One way to achieve this intention is by becoming aware of, and clearing, existing energetic communication channels from all unresolved, non-optimal emotions and painful memories in your relationships.
Once you’ve identified and become familiar with these non-verbal energy channels between you and others, and you’ve cleared them either by ‘cutting cords’ as described in the attached video (see link below) or by clearing negative karma with each person (for instance through karmic release request), you can replace the non-optimal, non-verbal communication that was taking place before and replace it with unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness through various methods, including the H’opononopono mantra (you can try this meditation here if you want to use the Hawaiian mantra to achieve your goal:
As part of this process of changing your energetic communication, grounding yourself, and imagining and intending for the people you’re in relationship with to also become more grounded, will lead to more self-sovereignty, feelings of safety, security, and personal empowerment, more self-trust, and less tendency for non-optimal co-dependent dynamics in relationship.

Over time, clearing these energetic communication channels and establishing new ones between yourself and the people you’re in relationship with will lead to less negative thoughts, less worry, stress, and anxiety, more inner peace, more joy, more love and compassion, greater physical, mental, and emotional health, and overall more harmonious, balanced, and deeply fulfilling relationships.
To learn more about how to implement this process, view the video describing the process:
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