Inner Child Forgiveness Visualization

Visualize yourself or your partner as a child, vulnerable, powerless, in pain, and in fear.

Watch this child in pain and unable to make better choices than he/ she is making right now.

Feel from your heart that this child has been and continues to be in fear and feels pain and doesn’t know how to make things better and to feel better.

Send love to this child, smile to this child, and forgive this child.

Be willing to hold this child in your heart and in your arms.

Visualize this child smiling and receiving your unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness and becoming free from fear as a result.

Use this visualization anytime you want to let go and forgive yourself, your partner, or someone when you experience pain, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that hold you back and diminish your capacity to achieve your relationship and life goals and to remain in a state of inner peace, joy, unconditional love, and happiness.

Connect to the pain, tension, and negative feelings that you feel as you repeat this visualization practice as often as you want to until you feel your resistance to forgiving diminish and you start experiencing a sense of relaxation and inner peace as you begin to let go and forgive.