Inner-peace and Surrendering

  1. What are the external things you have been relying upon for your happiness?
  2. Have you noticed your own ‘ups and downs’ that take you from happiness to sadness, and pleasure and pain?
  3. What do your cycles of hardship and relief look like?
  4. Why are pleasure/ desire and pain two sides of the same coin?
  5. How can we transcend the roller-coaster of emotions and the ‘ups and downs’ that result from the futile pursuit of happiness?
  6. How much inner peace and joy are you deriving from being caught in this cycle?
  7. How can you start changing that today?
  8. What are the key steps to surrendering?
  9. What’s one method you can use to learn the process of surrender?
  10. Why do we use ‘if…then’ statements?  What are these statements a sign of?