Intentions and Goals: A guide to personal success, true fulfillment, and achieving your intentions and goals

Entering a new calendar year can be the opportunity to reflect upon what we’ve done well in the prior year – as a result of our focus and intentionality, and the application of personal will and power – as well as what we feel could still be improved upon.

Maybe you’ve already done a lot of this self-introspective work and are in the process of fine-tuning how you will approach change and transformation this coming year.  Maybe you’re already very clear about your intentions and your personal vision of what you will consciously prioritize in 2019.  Or maybe you haven’t thought that deeply about any of it quite yet.

No matter what your personal insights were during this process and what your intentions are for this coming year, you’re most likely aware that for change to happen in any area or dimension of your life, it requires that you do, think, emote, and respond differently than you have in the past, i.e. that you change your habits…

So, how are you consciously choosing to do things differently since the beginning of the year?

What specific steps and actions are you implementing on a daily basis in order to address any areas of your life where you had previously felt a lack of desired results or an incapacity to solidify the changes you wanted to achieve?

And where, when, how, and why have you experienced changes within yourself and in your life as a result?  And are you happy with those results?

The process of observing, assessing, and evaluating – without judgment – with the only intention of understanding where we are, in contrast to where we want to be, can be very revealing and provide us with the information and fuel to move forward in the direction of our desired change with faith and joy.

Without fuel for change, old habits and patterns tend to remain in place.

And for change to take root, it must go beyond a momentary mental process of imagining a new circumstance, situation, or relationship that soon gets overwhelmed by our ingrained habits, behaviors, and dominant emotional state.

This type of change can only happen at the subconscious level – in your body – and always involves a shift in your primary emotional state.

Without a change in emotional state, anything that we consciously want and intend for gets overridden by our subconscious mind and we soon run out of fuel.

Only your emotions can give you this fuel.  

If you don’t truly feel, and get into alignment with, the change that you desire within the space of your body (your subconscious mind), you’ll inevitably encounter resistance and obstacles that the conscious mind won’t have enough fuel or willpower to overcome (the same 95% versus 5% that drives the process!)

We can’t get to happiness without being happy now.

We can’t get to abundance without feeling abundant now.

We can’t get to worthiness without valuing ourselves now.

The secret to experiencing anything you want is to bridge the emotional gap between now and the ‘then’ when the experience is attained.

Bridging that gap is a process of dissolving anything and everything that you become aware of within yourself now that is preventing you from receiving that which you want most. 

This process of coming into energetic and emotional alignment with our intentions and goals requires a deep internal shift in our beliefs – the ones that are not in alignment with achieving our intentions and goals – as well as the transcendence of prior fears and patterns that tend to trigger lower states of vibration and emotion.

None of this is a problem, it’s a process.

If you’d like some help with:

* getting clear about your vision for this year, 
* defining specific intentions and goals that will bring you true fulfillment,
* identifying and removing obstacles, blocks, and limiting beliefs in your way,
* creating new ‘habits’ that will ensure your success, however you define it,
* implementing these new empowering ‘habits’ into your daily life starting now,
* and anything else that will enhance your experience of self, others, and life…

Then schedule a session with Dexter or myself by responding to this email, or join us in one of our monthly in-depth healing circles, where we facilitate individuals with common intentions and goals working through any resistance, block, blind spot, or other internal dynamics that create limitations in their capacity to manifest the life they truly want and their experience of external reality. (click here to register)

With love,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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