Is Unconditional Love Too Radical?

If you ask someone, “how would you like to unconditionally love your life?”

They would love that!

Now what if you asked someone… “how would you like to unconditionally love every person, place and thing on the planet including all your thoughts, emotions, memories and past relationships, life, birth, death, conflict, suffering, politicians, disease, traffic, cockroaches, etc.?”

You might get a very different answer - they’d probably think you’re crazy!

The truth is… unconditional love is radical/crazy to the ego.

Rather than getting caught up in ego-stuff ,  what if you just simplify it down to this question…

How would your life change if you learned to love and appreciate every person, place and thing just as they are? In other words, to unconditionally love life and all things in it?

Might you feel more relaxed, grateful, abundant and happy each day?

Might you “see” more than when your heart was closed?

Might it help you prioritize and make wiser choices that reflect your deeply heart-felt values?

Most people live their lives being tugged around by their egos   in stress and survival  and fight or flight mode. Their value systems are distorted by their conditioned stress and survival approach to life.

Many of these people only realize what is truly precious to them when they’re close to losing it  –  only then do they update their core values.

What if we could proactively cultivate unconditional love for life so that we can make the most of the time we do have rather than wait until the moment we’re about to lose it?

People often react to the idea of truly unconditional love as:

  • Impractical
  • Unrealistic
  • Ungrounded
  • Unsafe
  • Unwise

Ironically, these words describe fear, not love. This is because people often go into fear when entertaining the idea of unconditional love rather than actually consciously evaluating unconditional love and its benefits.

People fear unconditional love because they think it means:

  • Losing control and being powerless
  • Letting people run all over them
  • Giving up on their ambitions
  • Having to say yes to everyone
  • Not getting what they want

That is not what unconditional love is.

True, unconditional love is:

  • supremely wise and discerning
  • disciplined and focused
  • wise and evolved through experience
  • An excellent decision making tool
  • Necessary if you really want to love your life and relationships

If you would like to explore more about being unconditionally loving, then watch our workshop on Transcendent Love.

If you’d like to explore this topic on a more personal level, you may schedule a free 10 minute consultation to learn more about working with us privately.

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