Knowing the Future: Receiving Spiritual Guidance and Channeling through the Akashic Records

One of the most common challenges that most people experience on a daily basis is the fear of making a mistake, or a wrong choice, that could then negatively impact them, the people they love, and their lives.

Most people feel that, if only they could see into the future, then they would, without hesitation, know what to do.​​

It’s often this idea of certainty, and the desire to attain it, that actually keep us stuck or paralyzed into inaction, repeating unhelpful habits and patterns, or making seemingly safer decisions that don’t ultimately bring us the kind of happiness, fulfillment, and inner peace that we truly want.​​

It’s normal and natural to want to be able to have certainty over our future and our lives. This tendency is actually conditioned into us, generation after generation, without us even realizing the extent of its influence and the limitations it creates in our lives.

Unfortunately, when this desire comes from fear, the process of actually accessing reliable, grounded, and valuable information about the future becomes compromised and undermines the quality of our consciousness and capacity to make wise and discerning choices.

It’s absolutely possible to learn how to access practical, useful, and supportive information that can help us create the kind of future that we truly want without involving fear.

Of course, the future is not one thing, nor is it set in stone. The future is a field of potentiality that remains until we start focusing on one of these potentials with determination and intentionality and we begin shaping it.

Quantum Physics has been able to prove that the results of any experiment is always subject to its observer(s), and that the intention of the observer(s) can actually change the results of such experiment, as demonstrated in the double-slit experiment.

​​Practically speaking, this means that you, as the observer of your life, have power and influence over the results in your life.

Essentially, what you think and feel on a daily basis influences what happens next, i.e. your future.

This means that, if you start thinking and feeling differently than you have up until now, you can positively or negatively affect your future.

Any time that we spend worrying about something, feeling uncertain, or projecting negative potentials into the future is time we don’t get to spend feeling good about ourselves and our lives, prioritizing what is most meaningful to us, letting go of the past, feeling and being creative, and empowering ourselves towards our intentions and goals.

in this fearful state, we create numerous obscurations about the future and we have limited access to what would otherwise be available to us in the form of valuable and more accurate information about the future.​​​​

What kind of future do you think we’ll be creating through the lens of our fear and self-doubt?

Most likely, one with the same fearful and doubtful limitations that were first created within our own very mind.​​

In our personal experience, the best way to get to know and understand the future and what’s to come is by creating it in the present moment.

In the present moment is where all of your power of influence is. Just like the present moment we experience is a result of the past, the future is made in the present moment.

You have power and influence in creating your future, and the more energy you put towards building the future in the present moment, the greater influence you will have over the process and the results you get.

It’s possible to enhance this process and to amplify your power of influence over your life and your future.

One way of achieving this goal is by accessing and receiving information from your spirit guides and other enlightened beings.

Being able to hear this information is very much like tuning into a specific radio channel. You can only hear it if you’re tuned in and you’ve got the radio turned on.

It’s possible to quiet our minds, to silence our fears, and to become optimally grounded and open in our hearts, so that we become able to receive guidance and wisdom that can help us make wiser, more discerning, conscious, and loving decisions in our lives.

One such way of ‘getting there’ is through the Akashic Records, which can be seen as a register of everything that’s ever happened and will even happen in the Universe.

This information is available to you if that’s something that’s meaningful to you and if you see the value of receiving such guidance in your process of decision-making and creating your future.

When we gain a more comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the implications of the choices that we make on ourselves, others, and our lives, it becomes much easier to make decisions that we feel comfortable with and to have faith in our process of decision-making and life.

If you’ve never been in the Akashic Records and would like to explore a new dimension of your life and ask questions that can help you achieve your life intentions and goals with joy and ease and know more about the future, or if you’ve already had a reading and would like to find out more, join us next week, on Saturday, November 17th from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for a group Akashic Records workshop and reading for all participants interested in finding out new ways to improve any and all aspects of their lives and their future.

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Looking forward to helping you answer your deepest questions about yourself, your life, why you’re here, where you’re going, and how to get there.

With love from San Francisco,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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