Learn how to release stress, anxiety, and fear right now by gently healing your past.

No matter what has happened in the past, and how challenging it may have felt, or continues to feel, it can be healed. Often times, knowingly or unknowingly, we continue to carry with us the physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual pain and memories from past events that have occurred in this lifetime or/and prior lifetimes.

If, like a majority of people, you experience constant thinking, lack of energy, focus, and motivation, stress, worry, or anxiety that you can’t completely explain away, we’d love to offer a remarkably simple, safe, and effective solution that has helped Dr. Brian Weiss heal patients for decades, as famously chronicled in two of his worldwide best-selling books, Many Lives, Many Masters and Miracles Happen.

After personally training with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dexter and I started integrating the core of Dr. Brian Weiss’ approach and wisdom into our personal and professional healing process and curriculum. Through regular practice of hypnosis and past life regression and facilitation of numerous people who are open to the process, we’ve been able to personally validate the efficacy and positive benefits of using this safe and well-rounded healing approach to resolve many of the issues which root cause originates in the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Every month, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month, we open our private home and host a very intimate group hypnosis and past life regression workshop where, together, we explore Dr Brian Weiss’ process with beginners and adepts in hypnosis and past life regression alike.

If you’d like to join us for a deep-dive into early life and past life roots that are keeping you feeling stuck, in-limbo, or dissatisfied with your life in any way, then register for either one of the last two* of these group events in 2018 using the links below:

Brian Weiss Certified Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Workshops
Saturday, October 20th, 2-4.30pm – https://goo.gl/9sL8FC
Saturday, December 15th, 10.30-12.30pm – https://goo.gl/Xz1mzo
(* we might add one more date in November 2018 if our schedule opens up.)

During this three-hour immersive, experiential journey, Dexter and I will walk you through the core pillars and insights necessary for you to enjoy a truly positive and successful past life regression experience, guide you through a live and fully tailored past life regression session following Dr Brian Weiss’ steps and methodology, and also provide you with fundamental insights and understandings about your personal experience and how you can better integrate it in order to accelerate your healing process. With our attentive and personal guidance, you’ll learn to access and release the memories, unresolved emotions, and traumas that keep you trapped in cycles of pain, to this day.

During this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to:
Discover extraordinary details about your past and its continued effects on your life right now
Release old phobias, beliefs, and fears inherited from early childhood and prior lifetimes
Practice profound healing visualizations and guided meditations
Harness the power of love, wisdom, and forgiveness to transform your life
Understand more about your dreams and psychic experiences and their relevance to past lives and your healing process
Develop your psychic abilities, including intuition and inner vision
Learn about your soul mates and soul family
Discover revolutionary insights about yourself and your soul purpose

If you no longer wish to feel like a victim of your past and of all of the pain accumulated in this lifetime or/and prior lifetimes and you want to experience the personal freedom, creative energy, and inner peace that come when you let go of the bondage of the past for good, join us for step-by-step guidance on how to use Dr Brian Weiss’ revolutionary process to rapidly heal, grow, and evolve into the greatest version of yourself.

With love from Maui, Hawaii,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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