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We have been providing private life coaching by phone or video conference to adults, children and couples worldwide for about 5 years.


This page offers the following information about our life coaching sessions:

  • Potential Benefits
  • How Sessions Work
  • About D&A
  • Pricing
  • Scheduling
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"My experience with Dexter and Alessandrina has been amazing. I initially contacted them for support & assistance with both personal and professional goals. To my highest satisfaction, I've found the coaching, support, and clarity I was looking for - and more! As a result of our work together, my business is going great, and I feel confident and attuned with myself personally and with others. I feel that through sessions with Alessandrina, who I've worked with extensively, that I have been able to swiftly address places where previously I was 'stuck' or in fear. Her approach is very accessible. She is able to clearly discern and communicate where breakthroughs or improvements can be made. And, she communicates and provides the tools for the client to make these improvements and life-changes with ease. I am very grateful, and happy to have met and worked with Alessandrina and Dexter, and recommend their services 100%."

David, Therapist from North Carolina

Potential benefits and session topics

  • Get into greater internal alignment with what you want to achieve
  • Clear obstacles, resistance, and blockages of all kinds to achieving your goals
  • Create a process in your life of personal growth that can be something that you cherish and that is really meaningful to you
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety and understand and resolve issues causing it
  • Enhance your performance in various aspects of your life
  • Find deeper meaning in your life, yourself, and your relationships
  • Feel more inner-peace, love, joy, gratitude, and fulfillment on a consistent basis
  • Empower yourself with greater self-awareness, understandings, and tools to manage thoughts, emotions, and relationship dynamics
  • Resolve pain and suffering in your life and associated patterns, habits, and addictions
  • Love, accept, and forgive yourself and others on all levels
  • Enjoy more harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling relationships
  • Improve family dynamics and resolve emotional issues
  • Optional spiritual component: Connect more deeply to God / Energy / The Universe, and your Soul's purpose and intentions


"I have worked with both Alessandrina and Dexter via the phone for the last 4 months and have chosen to travel twice over to see them in person and work together. I have worked with countless therapists and life coaches but I have never progressed as deeply or honestly as I have with them. I wish I had not waited until I was in crisis to contact them however their support doubtless made me want to live again and for their support kindness wisdom and relentless enthusiasm for my growth I am eternally grateful. Their resources are plentiful and if you do the work, it works!"

Cassy, Photographer from United Kingdom

How sessions work

At the time of the appointment, Dexter and Alessandrina will call the client and begin helping them work through their issues according to their stated goals. Dexter and Alessandrina help clients by helping them understand and process their life experiences, thoughts, and emotions in new ways. They also help them understand their situation, and define an optimal path to where they want to go. These developed understandings allow clients to achieve foundational shifts in the ways they think, feel, and relate to others, as well as the choices they make. Dexter and Alessandrina also empower clients with techniques that they can utilize on their own. Therefore, they can continue evolving, transforming, and working through their issues after sessions. Clients learn methods and techniques such as meditations, release techniques, mantra, and other tools depending on the client's preference and the situation. The transformations that clients experience as a result of this work tend to have positive ripple effects across all areas of their lives.


I attended a workshop with Dexter and Alessandrina and felt immediately welcomed by their genuine approach.  I later received a private session. They exude wisdom and love. They are wonderful guides who enrich people with tools for the growth they are seeking. They practice with great humility.  I recommend them for all those who are seeking to connect with themselves and who are hungry to explore their journey deeper.

Linet, Nurse from Florida

About Dexter and Alessandrina

In spiritual teachings around the world, across different cultures and traditions, it is taught that, "the external world is a reflection of the internal world". Dexter and Alessandrina have experienced this firsthand and have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and the world become empowered with this truth. In their work, they help clients constructively transform their lives and experience more joy, freedom, inner-peace, empowerment, and personal and spiritual evolution. Their goal through this work is to help their clients and the world shift into higher consciousness, wisdom, greater health & wellbeing, better relationships, and unconditional love.

Their capacity to help comes from their:

  1. Intense work with highly evolved spiritual teachers
  2. Attainment of a diverse knowledge-base and skill set through certifications and trainings in a wide variety of conscious and effective modalities from the East to the West
  3. Dedication to accuracy, God-alignment, precision, humility, and unconditional-love in all aspects of their process of facilitation
  4. Ongoing application of what they teach to their own lives, to the best of their ability


This couple is the real deal. They are in this world to genuinely help people and they know what they are doing both intellectually and energetically. Accessible at any level and at any price range: they have free meditations available online, affordable workshops and events, and reasonably priced one on one sessions. They are gifted with the ability to guide anyone, as a unique individual, towards being more truly themselves, living freely without the heavy burdens of fear, doubt, and limitations. After only my first workshop with them I felt an immense shift in the way I interact with myself and with the world. I would highly recommend working with these beautiful souls in any and all capacity. It is a true blessing- one I will forever be grateful for. Thank you to you both!

Marla, Post Graduate Student in New York


Life coaching sessions are priced at $2.50/minute ($150/hour).

For example:

15 minutes: $37.50

30 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $150

90 minutes: $225

120 minutes: $300

To Schedule

Follow steps 1-3 below to set up your appointment. You can contact us if you have any questions. We greatly look forward to speaking with you!

Step 1: Save card

Please provide a credit card or debit card by pressing the button below.  After you finish the process, it will return you to this page so that you can schedule. We'll securely store your credit card in our system (we use Stripe - a well known and secure payment processor). At that time, we will authorize a transaction on your card for $150. This is not a charge, it is only a test to make sure your card can be charged. We will only charge your card after your appointment based on the duration of your call. You'll receive a receipt at that time.

Step 2: Schedule

Schedule time with Dexter by clicking here or Alessandrina by clicking here. Note: When you schedule your appointment using those links you'll see that we reserve 2 hours of time for the appointment. However, your appointment can be as short or long as you wish.

Step 3: Prepare

Prepare for your appointment by creating a list of things you'd like to work on. Be sure to have something to take notes with and a quiet place to talk. We'll call you at the number you give us when you schedule. We greatly look forward to speaking with you!

Contact us if you have any questions

We are very happy to hear from you, find a time that works, and to answer any questions you may have. Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.